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... So Does Seasons

No description

mary osei

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of ... So Does Seasons

Chapter 20
... So Does Seasons
-old age, resentment and death
- childhood and youth
- adulthood, romance, fulfillment, and passion
Fall/ Autumn
- decline, middle age and tiredness but harvest
winter: old age/resentment
summer: adulthood / passion
"Thou art more lovely and more temperate" - romantic, young love. pg. 176
summer is passion and love
The Beach Boys - happy-summer-land. pg 178
Spring: Youth
Daisy miller- young, fresh, direct, open, naive, and flirtatious. pg. 177
Autumn: middle age/harvest
After Apple Picking- tiredness and completion of bringing in a huge harvest. pg. 179
Harvest-results of our endeavors
As we gather our harvest, we find we've used up our energy. pg. 180
Shakespeare's sonnet 73 -the seaker is feeling his age and making us feel it. pg.174
song from cymboline- winter is associated with anger and hatred.
Henry VI, Part II- Barren winter with his wrathful nipping cold
A hazy shade of winter- unhappy
Story to explain seasonal change
Greek mythology. pg.181-182
Christmas and Easter. pg. 183
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