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aerospike engine 2

No description

jackie hofmeier-clark

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of aerospike engine 2

Aerospike Engine definition-the aerospike engine is a rocket engine used to help acheive different levels of altitide The Aerospike Nozzle The aerospike engine does this with the help of a altitude compensating nozzle(a.k.a. the aerospike nozzle)
the nozzle helps to direct the flow of the exhaust gases from the engine into a one direction The exhaust gas is a mix of high temperature gases that, when emitted, has a random point of distribution. That means that if the exhaust gas escapes in that form only a small part of the flow will be moving in the correct direction needed to move forward. liquid hydrogen liquid oxegen fuel and oxidizer are mixed and then burned gases are then compressed to a high pressure gases are then pushed against the wall creating thrust Taking getting started-
the combustion chamber burns the fuel and oxidizer then fires along the sides of the engine in a wedge shape, thus creating the 'spike' direction-
the flow of the combustion chambers can then be alltered to control the direction the space craft wants to go altitude-
as the space crafts altitude increases the pressure holding the exhaust to the sides of the engine decrease.
as the spaces crafts altitide decreases the pressure increases. The aerospike engine has been studied for a number of years and have been used in single-state-to-orbit(SSTO) designs. It is also a top contender for small shuttle engines, such as the lockhead martin X-33 X-33 Lockhead Martin The X-33 was ment to be a next-generation spacecraft that could be used as a 'commercially -operated reusable lanch vehicle'.
The plan was to conduct a flightest to determine if the x-33 and a range of other technologies, NASA believed it needed for SSTO lanch, were fit for flight.
However it was cancelled in 2001 for budgeting reasons. Since then the X-33 has come back in action. On december 1, 2007 the aircraft was said to be a complete success and on august 12, 2007 the aircraft took flight once again...for 12.5 seconds before plumeting towards the earth creating an irreparable spacecraft. The third test occured on october 10, 2009. This time there was no spacecraft wreckage involved. Testing Flight The aerospike engine isn't just used for future SSTO designs it it also used in an airplane called... ...the SR-71 X-33 by:jackie hofmeier-clark A Work in Progress
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