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Abriana Mayweather

No description

Abriana Mayweather

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Abriana Mayweather

If you really knew me...
Go to France
Meet Kid Cudi
Sky Diving
Scuba Diving
Visit Mexico
Bucket List
My family
My friends
My dogs
Kyle Bridgman :)
Important things to me
My biggest goal in life is to be happy. I have a very difficult time maintaining happiness.
Finish high school, go to college, get a job, & start a family.
Be nice even when it seems impossible.
Put everyone else before myself.
Abriana~ My dad wanted my name to be Briana but my mother didn't want my initials to be "BM" so she put an A in front of Briana.

Haylie~ Haylie is what my mom wanted my first name to be. She got the "hay" from Chayn which is her first name. Then she got the "lie" from Millie which is my great grandmothers name.

Mayweather~ Mayweather is my fathers last name. I took his last name instead of my mom. My mother didn't want me to have her last name because it is Lush which means drunk.
Abriana Haylie Mayweather
I don't think I really care about how I am remembered. Just not bad things I guess.
How I would like to be remembered when I leave high school...
Bell peppers
Sacred 2 ~ Fallen Angel
Mint green
My dogs
Favorite Things
Kid Cudi~ He's one of my biggest influences in my life. I love his music and I can relate to a lot of what he says. He gives amazing advice that I try to follow the best I can. Ex: In one of his songs he says "Wake up, life does get tough, no need to stress, holds you back too much." That's one of my favorite lines in his songs.
Ranita Williams- She's one of the nicest, happiest, and most outgoing person I've ever met. I hope one day I can be similar to that.
Chayn Lush~ Chayn is my mother. I lived with her for 15 years of my life. She now lives in Colorado.

Christopher Mayweather~ Christopher is my father. He lives in Georgia. I've never actually lived with him before but I did live in Georgia for about 5 years.

Colby Lush & Julie Lush~ Colby is my mothers brother and Julie is his wife. I currently live with them.

Chris, Aniya, Markeya, and Taya are my half siblings.
"If you really knew me..."
Virtual Autobiography

I am a very jumpy person
I am afraid of ups trucks
I've moved very many times in my life
I care more about other people then myself
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