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Women's Roles in the 1950's

No description

Nisha Ohal

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Women's Roles in the 1950's

Women's Roles in the 1950's
By: Nisha Ohal

In the 1950's women were seen as stay at home mothers. They were to clean, cook, and do other house hold chores. Their husbands expected to come to a clean house, and a well prepared meal on the table. In the 1950's women weren't thought of as much, just seen as people who had to obey their husbands when they came home from a long hard day at work.
A lot of women during the 50's applied for college but soon thereafter, dropped out or left early to go and marry and start a life with their husbands. Many women back then were working towards having a nice family with their husbands. Not only were women not working, they weren't getting the proper education!
Later on women started to not care what society thought of them and they decided to apply for jobs even though they were expected to stay at home and take care of the children. Some people thought that because the women weren't home all of the time, that the children were being deprived of a parent. People started to say that women were "endangering" their families by not being at home 24/7, for their husbands and children.
Women weren't thought of as providers. They were seen as an accessory to most people. A tool that you needed to have, but never appreciated. They started to put empowering women such as Rosie the Riveter, on the cover of cleaning product ads. People didn't realize that women were providers. They took care of the children, they put food on the table, they cleaned up after everyone, and worked their butts off to make everyone happy :)
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This article talks about the lives women in the 1950's lived throughout the years.
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