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Father Julian Tennison Woods

No description

grace g

on 24 September 2011

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Transcript of Father Julian Tennison Woods

FATHER JULIAN TENNISON WOODS Born He was born on the 15th of November 1832.
He was born at southwark in England

Died He died on the 7th of october 1889 Interesting Facts For more than ten years father Woods travelled and started schools and was kept intensely busy with the work of the Sisters of St Joseph.In 1883 he visited Singapore, Malacca, Japan, China, Java and Siam because he looked for minerals in some of the Dutch colonies. No.1 No.2 Fr Julian Tenesen Woods helped Mary Mackilop start schools for the poor in the country side with the help of the St Joseph that Mary Mackilop started. No.3 Fr Julian Tenison Woods help fund the St Joseph Sisters. Fr wood helped mary Macillop through her life of teaching. No.4 One of the pristly roles was to baptise his nephew. No.5 Over ten years of Fathers Woods life he traveled aroundthe world starting schools and keeping the sisters of St Joseph and that of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart busy. No.7 Fr wood was an english roman catholic preist No.6 He died of paralysis on 7 October 1889 and was buried in the Roman Catholic section of Waverley cemetery He was the sixth son of James Dominick Woods. Father's mother was Anglican
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