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Road Trip

No description

shannon harris

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Road Trip

Library Stats
Circulation Stats
1,561 Student Circulations (100 more than last year!)
535 Fiction Titles
1,282 Power Cord Rentals

Collection Development
Nearly 600 new titles added
144,222 Titles in the Library
Includes over 130,000 ebooks!

Learning Commons Website
7,933 Visits
17,315 Page Views
A sampling of some of the more than 30...

Civil Rights
Banned Books
"Speed Booking"
Jane Austen
Scientific Revolution
Position Papers
Synthesis Essays
Programming, Posters & Projects
Banned Books & Trivia
Teen Read Week
Blind Date with a Book
Makerspace fun
Circuit boards
Write a Letter
Listening Lunch - PREACH collaboration
Magnetic poetry
Bookface Bonanza
New Seating
Rotating Book Displays
Themed Web-Pages and Displays
Lunch & Learns for students and faculty
9th Grade Information Literacy
Topics covered this year included:
Library resources
Searching books, ebooks, databases & the web
Finding & evaluating resources
Boolean logic
Citations and annotations
Annotated bibliographies
Web 2.0 presentations
Social Media
Information literacy pre- and post- tests

What do we DO all day?
We decided to try and collect statistics on what happens at the circulation desk. We tallied results for the months of April and May of this year, and below is a sampling of what kept us busy at the desk over those
two months

Computer/Printer Visits ~
any issues with using them in the LC
Reference Questions ~
help with research, citation, reader’s advisory
Circulation Requests ~
help with checking out materials
Miscellaneous Visits ~
Academic/psychological “guidance”, social visits, interaction with displays, meetings with faculty, collaboration talks, etc…

Next year??
More makerspace activities ~ ideas include
Making music
3D printing
Other ideas?

New & improved 9th grade course
Reduced to one semester
Changes based on student input

More classroom collaborations!
Let us know how we can help

Have a Great Summer!
Learning Commons
The year in review 2013-2014
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