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Upward Bound Presentation

No description

Myscon Truong

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Upward Bound Presentation

What is Upward Bound? Program Profile The goal of Upward Bound is to help YOU get to college! $1.3 Million dollar grant, across 5 years

3 High Schools

Serves 63 students per year

Annual amount spent per student: $4,000 The Upward Bound program at UCI works exclusively with students from Anaheim, Katella, and Loara high school. Program Services 93% of Upward Bound students go directly to college after graduating from high school.
2 out of 3 students go directly to a four-year university. Summer Program After-School Tutoring After school Tutoring
Tutors are college students from UCI
6 Locations
Anaheim High School
Katella High School
Loara High School
Anaheim Central Library
Sunkist Library
Euclid Library Guidance Counseling Personal academic and guidance counseling for students and families

College Preparation workshops, such as:
College Admissions
Financial Aid
College Entrance Exams College Visits Wants to be part of the program
Has plans to go to college
Is willing to dedicate time to participate in the program Must be a current U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident.
Meet the federal income guidelines
Be one of the first in your family to go to college. What type of students should apply? What do need to do as Ublies? Attend tutoring regularly throughout the year
Complete all assignments (CPWAs) on Google Docs on time
Come to all Saturday sessions
Attend our summer residential program
Make the most of the time you have! UC Irvine
Upward Bound Encourage your student to complete all responsibilities
Attend parent meetings
Have a Gmail account to keep with your student's work Parents we need your help too! Viviana Ramos
Assistant Director Tony Hwang
Program Director UB Administrative Staff Elizabeth Ruiz
Major: Psychology

Myscon Truong
Major: Biological Sciences

Zully Guerra
Major: Biological Sciences Ashley Pennewell
Major: Psychology

Ike Adesina
Major: Material Science Engineering

Christina Phabsomphou
Major: Psychology UB Undergraduate Staff Achievement and Success Upward Bound has a proven record for success!
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