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Maximum Ride

The award winning series by James Patterson

Liz Brissette

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Maximum Ride

An Introduction to the
Maximum Ride Series
Summary of Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (Book 1)
The First book in the Maximum Ride is called Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment
The first Maximum Ride book starts in California. It also takes place in New York, Virginia, and Colorado.
Maximum Ride is a series of adventure novels. They take place in a dystopian society where scientists use genetic manipulation to experiment on children.
When a child is born, the scientists will either tell the parents that their child died so they can experiment on them, or they will get the parents written permission to do so by manipulation and persuasion.
It was written by: James Patterson
The second Maximum Ride takes place in Washington D.C. because that is where the flock believes they will find information about their parents and former lives.
Summary of the Story
Maximum Ride: Schools out Forever
Book #2
The third Maximum Ride starts in Colorado because that is where Ann Walker lives.
By: James Patterson
Saving the World and
Other Extreme Sports
At the end of the book, Max must fight a super-human named Omega, and try to convince the audience to fight against Itex.
In the fourth Maximum Ride, the flock is off to Antarctica where they will find trouble as well as help from the government.
Maximum Ride: The Final Warning
In the fourth Maximum Ride the flock heads to Antarctica after a government meeting to decide what is best for them.
They help a team of researchers with their research on board a submarine, and study first hand global warming and the affect that it is having on our nation. They also get to learn about ocean pollution levels, and how they affect Ocean Life.
Meanwhile, Angel, Total (the flocks genetically enhanced dog), and Akila (a normal dog) go after a baby penguin and get trapped in a chasm in the ice.
After Max and Fang save them, they are all captured by the Director of the Institute for Higher Living.
He takes them to Miami, where they must attempt to defeat him while stuck in a hurricane.
Also, Total grows wings of his own, and Max and Fangs relationship becomes more intense.
The fifth Maximum Ride is called Max, and takes place in Hawaii
The flock decides to help the world by participating in environmental awareness air shows in a group called the Coalition to Stop the Madness It is run by Max's mother.
There is a new brand of robots which Max calls the M-Geeks that attack the flock during their air shows. Because of these new robots, the flock realizes that it is no longer safe for them to be doing these air shows. So they pack up and head to Hawaii where they help the government figure out what is killing millions of fish off the Hawaiin coast.
Then Dr. Martinez is kidnapped and Max is shot in the wing when she goes off to fly because she hates being cooped up in a small place with a bunch of scientists. She gets taken to a government society and meets an Asian man who is said to be one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world. He tries to convince Max to join him in exchange for her mother, but the flock ends up blowing stuff up again to get her back.

Note: Max and Fang admit their feelings for each
however it is important to remember that the word
"love" is never used.
Book #6
Max is introduced to Dylan, another human-avian hybrid and is told that Dylan was created to be her perfect "other half."
Angel predicts that Fang will die soon, and Max is so traumatized that she starts to spend every minute with him.
The flock becomes convinced that Max and Fang are spending too much time with themselves, so they vote to send them off to be alone. Angel is voted the new leader, and she abolishes all the rules by sending the flock off to Hollywood to show off their wings, and superpowers on t.v.
Later, Fang is captured by an Itex worker because he wants to experiment on making Fang stronger. During an experiment, something goes horribly wrong with Fang and Max rushes to his aid and tells him that she loves him.
The flock gets back together, however sometime later Dylan declares "his love" for Max. Because of this, Fang makes a decision that will change everything.
In the sixth Maximum Ride, the Flock is off to Africa to help the world some more.
Dr. Martinez lives in Arizona, and when Max needs her, that is where they go in the seventh Maximum Ride.
While in Arizona Max finds out that the Doomsday Group is brainwashing people into thinking that there only needs to be genetically enhanced people in the world.
Dylan starts to try and convince Max that he is better for her than Fang, and despite her mixed feelings, she starts to warm up to him.
Meanwhile, Fang has creates his own flock which includes Max's clone who appears first in the second book.
Both flocks meet up in Paris, and they work together to try and stop the doomsday group even though Max does not want to see Fang again after what happened.
Gazzy, Iggy, and Angel go to set up a bomb underground, and all of them make it back before it goes off except for Angel.
Oregon is the next stop for the flock and in the eighth Maximum Ride, they get to go to real school again and live in a house provided by their millionaire friend.
Nevermore: The final Maximum Ride novel
It's finally the last Maximum Ride, and there is so much to tell. First of all, Max and Dylan get closer, and they go back to a normal school.
Meanwhile, "Fang's Gang" gets cornered in an alley where they discover that the erasers are back, and that Ari has once again risen from the dead. He kills Max's clone, and Fang's Gang is no more. Fang then decides to go back to Max.
Dylan gets confronted by a teacher at their new school, and is told that he has to kill Fang, and Fang is pushed off of a cliff on his way back to Max. However, the two are reunited, and Max finally decides whether she has feelings for Fang, or Dylan. I can’t tell you who they are for because you have to read the books!!!
Dylan then says that he has seen something in the sky. It turns out to be an explosion which will end the world for the humans, and all of the genetically enhanced people that have gathered together are forced to go into underground caves.
Max and Fang don't make it into the caves and are swallowed up by a tsunami.
I can't tell you how it ends or if they survive, so i guess you'll have to READ AND FIND OUT!!!

P.S. if you’re wondering what happens to Angel, she is
experimented on at "the school" and Max goes to save
Book #5
Thanks for Watching and Listening!!!!!
•Because it is an introduction to the series, there is a lot to say about the first Maximum Ride book.
•There are five people in the group that these books focus on: Max, Fang, Iggy Gazzy, Nudge, and Angel. They call themselves the flock.
•In the first book, they escape from the laboratory that they call the School, and live with one of the scientists there. He claims to be on their side, however when he mysteriously disappears, and they are left all alone, Max becomes the leader.
•There are things called erasers, that are people genetically manipulated to turn into fierce cannibalistic predators, and they are set on the flock. Angel gets taken by an eraser named Ari, one of the flock’s friends from when they were at the school, and they go on a search for her.
•This is the reason that the book is called the Angel Experiment, because Angel gets taken back to the school and is experimented on.
•Also, while they are searching for Angel, Max comes in counter with a woman named Dr. Martinez and a girl named Ella. They turn out to be very important in the next few books.
On their way to Washington, Fang is gravely injured by an eraser, and the flock is forced to take him to a hospital.
While there, they meet an FBI agent named Ann Walker, and agree to spend some time at her house so the FBI can research them.
She has plans for them to go to school, actual school, and the flock must learn to cope with the real world.
Also, a surprising thing happens with Max and Fang at the same time, and it has to do with love.
•The third Maximum Ride starts in Colorado because that is where Ann Walker lives.
•In this book, the flock must save the world from Itex, the company behind the school. Itex is also connected to the Institute for Higher Living which is centered around the idea that genetic engineering is the only future for our nation.
•The erasers have been replaced by flying robot erasers called Flyboys, and Ari returns only to cause more trouble in the flock when Max invites him to join. This causes Fang, Iggy, and Gazzy to leave the flock in protest.
•Ari is killed when his "expiration date" appears on his neck, and the flock must join forces again.
Max finds out some shocking news in this book about her parents. She also discovers something about her and Fang that is very surprising!!!
How is Maximum Ride a Dystopia?
The Maximum Ride series is a great example of a dystopia
It is a Utopia gone wrong and it is a story that was set in a speculative future where science and technology meet and cause many problems for the rest of the world. It is also a society characterized by poverty, squalor, and oppression
The scientists at the school were trying to make a race of genetically engineered people that would help the world. However they end up becoming very interested in genetic engineering, and they go way too far to the point where they turn humans into dogs or allow dogs to talk and fly
The scientists also started putting wings on children and experimenting with their vision. Basically just experimenting in all the wrong ways.
The person that is set to turn the dystopia around is definitely Max. She learns from the beginning of the series that she has to save the world, and that is just what she tries to do.
Successful or not, Max tries her best to figure out how to save the world, and she even though she has a lot of difficulty carrying out the task, Max is always thinking of others rather than herself.
James Patterson
James Patterson was born on March 22, 1947 and is an award winning author.
He has written many series including Maximum Ride, Witch and Wizard, Along Came a Spider, Alex Cross, First to die, and Daniel X.
He has several movies out, and Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment is currently in the audition process for their movie which will be coming to theaters in 2014.
James Patterson went to Vanderbilt University and Manhattan College, and has won many different awards
Some of his awards include the Edgar Award for Best First Mystery, and the Edgar Award for the Best First Novel by an American Author.
In Maximum Ride, James Patterson uses many different people to tell the story. He uses different perspectives, and he goes from one person to another. The story is told by all the people in the flock, and it is also told by some important outsiders like Mr. Chu, the Uber Director, and Ari.
Other Important Things
My opinion
I feel that what the scientists did with the children was wrong. Max and the rest of the flock never knew their parents, and their parents think that they are dead. The scientists should have gotten a permit to experiment on the children, and I don't think that experimenting on children is right in any way.
I believe that the Maximum Ride series was written as a warning. I think that James Patterson knows how far we are with technology, and how far that we are able to go. I think that he was inspired to write a book about what can happen if we let genetic engineering and genetic manipulation go wrong, and that book turned into the wonderful series that is Maximum Ride.
Last Look
The Maximum Ride series is a wonderful series about the hardships that we have to endure in life, and it is also about what can go wrong with society in the future. All of the books are superbly written and they all have a different theme. I think the overall theme may have something to do with change, but each book has a different purpose, and a different message that you are left with. I would recommend the Maximum Ride series to anyone, and the books definitely provide some light on the subject of genetic engineering and genetic manipulation.
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