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Stereotypes of girly girls

No description

Sabrina :)

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Stereotypes of girly girls

Hello, Today I am going to be talking about the stereotypes about girly people! Hope you enjoy my presentation!
Only stupid girls are girly
Hates sport
Loves shopping
I Am Sabrina And I Am Girly
Stereotype 1
Stereotype 2
Stereotype 3
Stereotype 4
Always socializing
Stereotype 5
Loves dressing up (clothes/accessories)
Stereotype 6
Always wearing makeup
Stereotype 7
How do these stereotypes affect my self-image?
These stereotype effect my self image because

when somebody see's a person who is dressed fancy they think there probably going to be girly and mean and won't want to be friends with them, they also think that there full of there self(over self confidence).
Part 1
Part 2
I hope you learned some stereotypes about girly girls! Thank you for watching my presentation!
Many people think that girly people are stupid. People think that they never study or do there homework and always get bad grades, but no that is not true. Many people that are girly get good grades and some people actually like learning new things in class.
Yes, most girly girls like the colour. But some don't. People mostly describe pink as a girl colour and blue as a guys colour
People believe that girly girls hate sports because they don't want to ruin there makeup and hair or break their nails. But some girly people do like sports and that's the time they don't really care how they look.
The truth is Girly girls love to shop for anything. Even if there shopping for somebody else they just really like being in a mall. They like buying things a lot, mostly clothes and shoes. But we know our limits of how much to shop.
Every girly girl loves dressing up. We like to dress up for any occasion and getting jewelery and accessories to match our outfit. Yes we take a long time to get ready for school because we cant decide what to wear or taking a long time to fix our hair. "A mirror is a girls best friend".
No, not all girly girls are always talking to their friends and texting. We can be independent but we do like to talk to our friends to.
Girly girls aren't always wearing makeup all the time. People believe that they want to look good all the time so they use makeup to cover up there flaws.
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