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Copy of Copy of Research Methods

No description

gregory dolinar

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Research Methods

Scooter Games
By: Greg Dolinar
What is game?

Method: The Idea Jam


Multi-player mixed-reality game for mobility device users
Idea Jam
Research Description
Masters of Management, Commercialization of Learning Technologies

Human Factors and Accessibility with Dr. Deb Fels @ the IMDC

Undergraduate Degree - Guelph
Some Ideas
Our Results?
Inclusive Media and Design Centre Ryerson
The Process
How we can make a game for people on scooters
What I am Researching
The Idea Jam
What is a game?
A game is a system in which players engage in:
1) Artificial challenge
2) Defined by rules
3) Quantifiable outcome
4. Players make choices
5. Games are interactive: the choices players make are supported by the game and have meaningful outcomes
6. Games have narrative, including story, plot, setting, items, and character.
Treasure hunting
Levels of participation
Achievement levels
Cultural games
Driving games
Scavenger hunts
Supporting roles
Series of challenges
A) What is the favorite game you have ever played?
B) What is your favorite character?
C) What genre of games to you like the best?
D) What are some games you think you could play on a scooter?
Goal: To try and make a game the most amount of people can play

Able to be played on a scooter
Capture the Flag
Goal: Capture the opponents flag before running out of energy
Life and energy bars (deplete at 5% per second for about 20 seconds when players are in the interaction zone - 2 foot radious)
When out return to home zone to recharge
Need to be charged to capture the flag
Flag is a 5-foot radious
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