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LinkedIn and your Online Reputation Management

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Transcript of LinkedIn and your Online Reputation Management

Profile examples
3 RED flags
Your online presence communicates your values and brand quality
Complete a self-assessment of your online activities!

LinkedIn and your Online Reputation Management
GOAL#1: Control the first page of a Google search
of your name by creating profiles on popular sites like Twitter, Wordpress, Vimeo, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook Pages, etc.
Basic Information Control
Final Recap
A resumé that never sleeps!
A place to find Jobs ANYWHERE
A tool to network yourself into the career you want
Be strategic
and selective about whom you connect with
Build on relationships you already have by using the automatic email and phone contact search
Socialize with a
job focus
to gather information about a company, possible job openings, student co-op positions and key gatekeepers

It takes time to build connections
Be patient
Online Networking 101
What is LinkedIN?
1. TMI = Too Much Information, inappropriate behaviour and trolling comments

2. Pictures you wouldn't show grandma...

3. Speaking negatively about a past employer or opinion posts that do not match a company's values
your name to see what comes out!
1. Profile Pictures Speak a 1000 Words
2. Post a Catchy Headline
3. Education and Specializations
4. Work Experience
5. Recommendations are References
You don't need to be active on all of the online services. Just use your full name and plaster your LinkedIn address to
funnel visitors to your LinkedIn Profile
tip: Make it easy!
Create a Blog based on your academic studies and professional ambitions

1. Share interesting articles that explore values, discoveries, accomplishments, from trusted sites

2. Have any A+ essays? Post abstracts of your work! You worked hard on those papers, use them!
tip: People who love their jobs also love talking about their jobs. Break the ice with new contacts by asking for career advice or directly about their responsibilities
Linkedin profiles speak directly to hiring managers and recruiters
Connect with leaders in your field, find opportunities and apply and apply
and apply and apply and apply and apply and apply....
Want to Travel??
Professional picture with a smile!
Plenty of connections
Your name is also part of your brand...
Interesting Headline
Want more profile examples and tips?
More on creating contacts from scratch
Build a list of whom you want to work for
Use existing lists, websites, networks, etc.
Here are 5 individuals who are connected to you through someone you know.
Ask a contact to introduce you to an employee!
Like and congratulate achievements!

Search and Find
Follow the company!
Join the CO-OP LinkedIn group!
Click here to join! Now with over 2000+ members, odds are you have a connection somewhere...
See who's a member and how they connect to you and your objectives
Contribute! Let others know you have ideas
Discuss, Like, Share, Comment!
Connect with members that have completed interesting placements
Download in PDF!
Quick Recap
Assume employers and recruiters will GOOGLE you!
...Consider this your risk management
Remove those embarrassing online pictures of yourself!
Delete provocative content and comments

Change your privacy settings on Facebook and other personal social media
Build your Brand - Invest time in your online persona
Link popular social media sites to your
account to "funnel" traffic to your profile
Proof of your awesomeness with
and Endorsements!
Professionals all over the world use LinkedIn to network

Meet with your Professional Development Specialist to discuss national and international placements
Find Work, Find Adventure!
En français!
Privacy Settings
1. Block off Access to any
private life
social media profiles and websites you have by
changing the privacy settings
. Let only your personal contacts see your activities!
2. Verify if social media websites allow Google and other search engine to find your personal profiles (limit or open permissions)
your LinkedIn privacy settings so everybody can find you
Other facebook privacy tips. http://www.forbes.com/sites/amitchowdhry/2013/11/19/facebook-privacy-tips/

Ask valued contacts to be your
and if they can
you to others
Join groups,
associations and companies related to your field of work
something in common
(person, interest, uOttawa education) to help
break the ice
with a new connections or prospective employers
Online Networking 101
Tailor - Connect - Apply
Check the jobs tab

Ask yourself, What are employers most concerned about? What can they find?
More social media headaches for election candidates
It was another day and another candidate caught having said something controversial on social media in the 2015 election campaign.
How to Create an Awesome Portfolio!

By clicking the connect button, you will be asked to confirm how you know the person
Connection tips
ALWAYS add a personal message and tell them
why you want to connect
! It's usually because you want to
something or
your skills and knowledge...
**NOTE when you're not connected to someone you cannot send them messages (called in-mail). The trick to send them your questions is to
invite them to connect!
Profile examples
Job descriptions should tell a story of achievements not a "can do" list of bullet points
tip: By writing recommendations and endorsing past colleagues, LinkedIn will ask them to return the favour!
Add style with a cool background picture
ADD lots and lots of clickable media! Portfolio, Papers, PowerPoints, PDFs, Pictures, Videos, Blog Post, Projects...
Added media will get their own web address which can then be added to your resume!
1. What are your achievements, skills, education?
In other words, What are you bringing to the table?
2. What are you looking for? What's your objective?
3. How can LinkedIn members help you?
Grow your network by linking your social media accounts to your LinkedIn
Invest time in your profile and online presence
Showcase your skills and achievements by showing what you can do through a portfolio
Connect and apply
Here are Real Examples!
Event Poster
Click here to join!
Your Profile is your Personal Brand
Consider this: On the Internet, you are not you, you are a reflection of you, your better you, a character that represents you and your career goals...
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