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American Government Chapter 2 prezi

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Kay Clobes

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of American Government Chapter 2 prezi


- was the first colony, located in Virginia

- settled by the British in 1607

- they had a self-government which was a representative democracy

- first example of self-government created by Europeans

Enlightenment was a period in Europe when many philosophers
were thinking about human right
Where's my text- who is keep removing it
Self-Government in the Colonies
- Thomas Jefferson was the primary writer the Declaration of Independence.

- Thomas Jefferson replaced John Locke's "property" with "pursuit of happiness"

Declaration of Independence
The Articles of Confederation
- Was created to make sure the new national government had very little power

- The legislature couldn't collect taxes, pass laws easily, and had no power over the debt from the war

- A Constitutional Congress decided to write a new constitution in 1787
Chapter 3 incoming
Chapter 2
Origins of U.S. Government
Where is my text?

Yeah mine too :(
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