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US students to Russian students

No description

Irina Hobbs

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of US students to Russian students

Free on-line education from the US to Russia!
A group of Russian Fulbright Alumni
add a slide with a quote about culture & education
Opinion poll shows that the image of the US in Eastern European countries has been deteriorating
Raising awareness among Russian students and educators about high-quality free online courses and their benefits;
Planting a mutual support network and establish a community of self-educating students;
Helping Russian students become part of an international community of students.
Creating the first Russian-language online recourse for students to receive qualified advice on how to use MOOCs for personal, professional and academic advances;
But Russian students are not keeping pace!

aims at:
Russia: An Educational
System in Crisis
centralized university entrance exams;
corruption in the school system;
teach to the test approach
inadequately trained graduates leaving university, due to cut time on advanced learning

The emerging system is one reason that many young Russians attempt to

study abroad.
Donate to

help Russian students find best American educational resources and improve the Russia - US understanding between nations!
help crowdsource translation of courses into and from Russian!

They do not know English
They do not know about on-line recources
They do not understand how to use the resources
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