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Fall 2014 Mid-semester Mentor Training

No description

jeremiah walker

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Fall 2014 Mid-semester Mentor Training

Fall 2014
Mentor Training
Phases of Mentoring
Started the semester excited and ambitious...
The mentor/mentee relationship was romanticized.. Expectations versus realty.

Best Attribute of this Phase:

Between your classes and personal schedule the semester started very hectic/face paced. You were probably caught off guard somewhat, a new system, new student. Keeping up with not only your work, but also a dependent.
Things probably did not go as smoothly as you anticipated or wanted Your dependent at some point made you feel like you were wasting his time? Perhaps you received feedback in the form of exams or papers, that did not reflect the effort you and your student put into it.
Rejuvenation and Reflection
Our staff
Writing Studio
Rare Books Room and Library
Athletics librarian - Mondays from 4-6pm
Athletics writing tutor - Wednesdays from 4:15-6:15pm

What allowed you to survive this stage?
What could make it easier next semester?
How did organization or management of sessions contribute to this?
With fall break and the bye weekends we and the students all got a chance (although short!) to catch our breath. The last half of the semester hopefully will be easier, you know our system, payroll, your students abilities--and your own time commitments.
End of the semester is in sight--
What worked, what didn't?
What do you want to do differently next semester?
Encourage and praise

Continue with high expectations

Be specific with negative feedback

Avoid pleas for answers (reading)
The Home Stretch
Sat, Nov 1st away at Pitt
Sat, Nov 8th away at Syracuse
Sat, Nov 15th home vs. Virginia Tech
Mon, Nov 17th registration for spring classes
Thurs, Nov 20th home vs UNC
Sat, Nov 29th home vs. Wake Forest
Fri, Dec 5th last day of classes
Sat, Dec 6-Mon, Dec 8th Reading period
Tues, Dec 9-Sun Dec 14th Final Exams
Too much time on our hands
Discuss spring classes
Work on a resume
Read and discuss an interesting article or chapter from a book (not assigned for class)
Look for an event on campus to attend
Explore involvement in extracurricular activities on campus
So much to do and so little time
House Keeping Items
Tutor email account - tutor@duaa.duke.edu
Communicate with JB about any schedule adjustments
Writing studio appts
All sessions in K Center or Yoh building
UNC game week schedule

Set small goals and deadlines
Communicate with your students coordinator
Try something new - weekly/monthly schedule, assignment analysis sheet, calendar reminders, etc.

How can you keep and/or recreate this excitement through the end of the semester?
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