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SoTL: Principles and Practices for Investigating Student Learning

Medical Education Grand Rounds, Vanderbilt University, February 7, 2012

Derek Bruff

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of SoTL: Principles and Practices for Investigating Student Learning

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Principles and Practices for Investigating Student Learning
Finding Community
Writing for Publication
Project Design
Finding the Time
Asking questions about one's own students' learning and the teaching that leads to it...
Answering those questions by systematically analyzing evidence of student learning...
Sharing the results of that analysis publicly for review and so that others may learn from it.
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning involves...
Concept Maps: Revealing and Remodeling Student Knowledge Structures by the Use of Absolute vs. Conditional Terms
Jennifer Osterhage
Molecular Biology
Can concept maps reveal specific misconceptions held by students that may be roadblocks to learning?
Can instructor-led concept mapping sessions address these misconceptions and promote students' ability to apply knowledge?
Student 1
Student 2
Teaching Certificate Program
Teaching-as-Research Fellows
CASTL Institute
History: http://is.gd/YjuNCV
Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Current Incarnation:
Learning Communities
An Example
Derek Bruff - Center for Teaching - Vanderbilt University / cft.vanderbilt.edu - @derekbruff
Good Questions
Teaching "Problems"
"In scholarship and research, having a 'problem' is at the heart of the investigative process; it is the compound of the generative questions around which all creative and productive activity revolves. But in one's teaching, a 'problem' is something you don’t want to have, and if you have one, you probably want to fix it."

Randy Bass, "The Scholarship of Teaching: What's the Problem?", http://is.gd/m0iIwE
The Influence of Student Diversity and the Effectiveness of Flowcharting on Student Success
Ayla Pamukcu
Environmental Science
Getting a Feel for Dynamic Systems through Haptic Robots
Caleb Rucker &
Jenna Gorlewicz
Mechanical Engineering
"What Works?"
Versus "What Is?"
“Here the effort is aimed not so much at proving (or disproving) the effectiveness of a particular approach or intervention but at describing what it looks like, what its constituent features might be.”

Pat Hutchings, Opening Lines: Approaches to SoTL
Concept Maps: Revealing and Remodeling Student Knowledge Structures by the Use of Absolute vs. Conditional Terms
Jennifer Osterhage
Molecular Biology
Expert and Novice Approaches to Reading Scientific Journal Articles
Allison Atwood, Alisha Russell, & David Vaught
Cancer Biology
Which of these types of evidence of student learning can you see yourself using?
A. Flowcharts
B. Pre/Post Tests
C. Concept Maps
D. Think Alouds
E. Something Else
Going Public
Share your process.
Share your "failures."
Find new audiences.
Time Management
Yeah, that's a tough one.
"Microscope," gonzales2010, Flickr (CC)
"Construction," hoveringdog, Flickr (CC)
"Questions," Oberazzi, Flickr (CC)
"missing steps," Stefan Bucher, Flickr (CC)
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"Colourful Army," maistora, Flickr (CC)
"I'll give you all I can...," Brandon Warren, Flickr (CC)
"Megaphone," Gilberto Agostinho, Flickr (CC)
"Why do I spend my lunch hour alone, and staring at pigeons?", Ed Yourdon, Flickr (CC)
"Take Your Time #2," Francesco Lodolo, Flickr (CC)
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"Carry That Weight," Greg Turner, Flickr (CC)
"The Calm After the Show," Thomas Hawk, Flickr (CC)
"ccc," Dylan Boroczi, Flickr (CC)
History of "SoTL": http://cft.vanderbilt.edu/sotl
More info: http://cft.vanderbilt.edu/programs/teaching-certificate-program/
More info: http://cft.vanderbilt.edu/tar
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