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No description

Jennifer Hubbard

on 31 May 2015

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Transcript of Characterization

Character Traits
Jake is Cassie's older brother. One day they are walking home from school when a cold front rolls in and the temperature drops 20 degrees. Jake is dressed more appropriately for the weather than Cassie. He takes off his hooded sweatshirt and offers it to her. She gratefully accepts. Jake is now colder, but he is happier.

1. What character trait
does Jake demonstrate?
Craig is a football player training over the summer for next season. Coach demands that all players come in at 6:00 AM and lift weights until 8:00 AM, when practice begins. Craig gets there at 5:00 AM to begin his training.

2. What character trait does Craig demonstrate?
Anna volunteered to help Kylie clean her house. When Anna washed the mirrors, Kylie asked her if she used paper towels instead of newspapers. When Anna admitted that she had, Kylie asked her to redo them. Then, while Anna was sweeping, Kylie corrected her on her technique. "Don't just push the dirt around, Anna. SWEEP it." Kylie told Anna.

3. What character trait does Kylie demonstrate?
Corey came back from the bathroom and noticed that her rainbow pencil was missing. She looked around the room and saw that Beth was using a rainbow pencil. Corey started crying uncontrollably and ran out of the room.

4. What character trait does Corey demonstrate?
Kelvin found a wallet on the ground. He opened up the wallet and saw an old woman's ID card. Kelvin took the ID out of the wallet, walked to the woman's house, and returned the wallet and ID to her.

5. What trait does he demonstrate?
Adam has tried out for the basketball team for the last three years. Each year he has been cut from the team because other athletes have outperformed him. Adam has been practicing all summer, however, and he knows that this is his year. IT has to be. He can feel it.

6. What trait does he demonstrate?
Eddie was shopping at the grocery store for some olives. He needed a lot of olives, so he grabbed the large jar off the shelf. Then he noticed the price. The large jar
ntained 20 oz. of olives and it cost $3.99. He looked at the small
of olives. It contained 10 oz. of
ves and cost $1.49. Eddie put t
large jar back and purchased
the t
wo small jars of olives.

7. What trait does he demonstrate?
Ricky was on his way to school when he stepped in a pothole and twisted his ankle. He tried to use his phone to call for help, but he dropped it in a puddle. He tried to flag down a car as it passed but they thought that he was making a crude gesture and they made a crude gesture back at Ricky. Then it started raining. Finally, Ricky hobbled to the school, but not before opening up the door and hitting himself in the forehead.

8. What trait does Ricky demonstrate?
When Kaitin entered Rebecca's room, she took a look around and saw clothing all over the floor and half-empty glasses of water and milk sitting on her desk and chair. She also noticed that the TV, computer, and all the lights were on and Rebecca wasn't even in her room.

9. What character trait does Rebecca demonstrate?
Mr. Roberts noticed that Emma has not been herself recently. She participated less in class, dressed in darker colors, and didn't want to associated with the friends that she had at the beginning of the school year. Noticing these changes, Mr. Roberts scheduled a conference after school with Emma so that they could talk in private.

10. What character trait does Mr. Roberts demonstrate?
The teacher asked Bridget what the answer was to the problem on the board. Bridget wore a worried expression on her face for a moment and then put her head down on her desk. After the teacher moved on to someone else, Bridget whispered to her friend that the answer was 26. Bridget was right.

12. What trait does Bridget demonstrate?
After Mark's mechanical pencil ran out of lead, he asked Pet, who sat next to him, if he could borrow a pencil. Pete yelled, "No, Mark. If you didn't come prepared, why is that my fault? Bring TWO pencils to class! You can't have one of mine or you'll never learn your lesson."

11. What trait does Pete demonstrate?
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