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Jordan Info Session 2018

No description


on 16 October 2018

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Transcript of Jordan Info Session 2018

Why CET?
Academic excellence
Supportive staff
Connection with local community
Who is CET?
Study abroad in
Offering study abroad programs since 1982
Known for language education
Programs in 8 countries
CET Academic Programs in Amman
Intensive Arabic Language in Jordan
Middle East Studies & Internship in Jordan
Housing & Roommates
Daily Life
Apply and be supported

Cameron Ruscitti
NE Campus Relations Coordinator
Laura Tucker
Program Coordinator
CET Jordan Team
Intensive Arabic Language
Middle East Studies & Internship
Intern in Amman
Take your electives in Arabic
2 semester Arabic prereq
No Arabic prereq
Activities & Excursions
MSA & Jordanian Dialect
Language partners
Activities & excursions
Intensive Arabic or Arabic + Internship
Possible Internship Sites
Middle East Children’s Institute
Near East Foundation
Analyseize Market Research
Jordan Transparency Center
Jordan Times
Debate Foundation for Enabling the Culture of Dialogue
Human Rights Watch
Jordan Language =
2 Arabic content courses + FULL pledge

Jordan Internship =
Internship placement & course +
1 English course in MES + LIMITED pledge
Language vs. Internship?
Learning Outcomes
Students who complete the CET Jordan programs can:
type a 10-page research paper in Arabic
converse easily with Jordanians
engage on social media in Arabic
conduct interviews in Arabic
give formal oral presentations in Arabic
present future employers with a certified OPI score
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