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Body Image

Students are learning about eating disorders and media's influence on body image

Bridget Skelly

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of Body Image

Body Image
What is body image?
Body image is a person's perception of his or her own physical appearance.
What is a positive body image?
A positive body image is when a person has a real perception of their
body and is comfortable with their body.
What is a negative body image?
Negative body image is when a person has a distorted perception of their shape and size, compares their body to others, and feels shame and anxiety about their body
Why do some people have a distorted/negative body image?
Some people have a distorted body image for a number of reasons, including:
Media and culture
How could someone's family and friends cause them to have a negative body image?
If family members or friends make comments about a person's body, they may begin to feel negatively about themselves and have a negative body image.
How might a doctor cause someone to have a negative body image?
A doctor might cause someone to have a negative body image by giving advice that people misinterpret.
How might the media cause people to have negative body image?
People see pictures of extremely thin women and very muscular men in the media and think that that's what they should look like. The women that are portrayed in the media are excessively thin and the men have extremely muscular builds that are near impossible to attain. Also, most of the images in the media are airbrushed to make the models look even more thin or muscular.
These images are constantly in the media and people think that their bodies should look that way and that they can only be happy or attractive if they look like the people in the media.
The average American woman is 5'4" and weighs 140 pounds. The average model is 5'11" and weighs 117 pounds.
The women in the media today are thinner than women that were portrayed in the media in the past. Let's take a look at models from the past and see how the ideal has changed.
What aspects of a person's life might be affected by their negative self image?
Because of the effects of these excessively thin female or extremely muscular male models on people's self image, many people are taking a stand against advertising companies and pushing for the portrayal of real women with real bodies.
The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty portrays these real women with real bodies and no retouching. Here are a few examples...
The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is one of many movements to have real men and women represented in the media. Having real men and women in the media can help to improve body image.
It is important that you understand that the people in the media are not representative of what most people look like. Furthermore, they are airbrushed to look even thinner and more muscular. With all these images as well as the constant advertisements about ways to lose weight, it is no wonder that many Americans have distorted body images.
Although we often idealize the people in the media, how do you think it would feel if someone took a photo of you and altered it to erase your imperfections?
These messages are not only on TV, movies and magazines. These messages are also in social media (instagram, twitter, etc.) What messages are being sent through social media to teens?
Are the images on social media real life?
France has recently passed a bill banning excessively thin models.
Some magazines have opted for real women in their photos as well.
Exit Ticket: 3-2-1
3 new ideas you learned
2 questions that came up
1 sentence summary of lesson
Written conversation: Write a response to this question, then pass your paper to another person. The other person should respond to your writing. Then, discuss your answers with your partner and share out with the class.
Turn and talk: Create a program/campaign that will address the effects of these images on body image. How can we work to eliminate these images in the media?
Write down the worst thing you've ever said to yourself about your body. DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME and turn it in to me.
Now, as I read these statements, I want you to imagine me saying them to your best friend.
Turn and talk:
How did that make you feel to hear me talking that way to your best friend?

We HAVE GOT to be a friend to ourselves. If you wouldn't say it to your friend, don't say it to yourself. LOVE YOURSELF just like you would your best friend.
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