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Multimedia and Social Networking: the good, the bad and the ugly

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Hilary Warner

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Multimedia and Social Networking: the good, the bad and the ugly

Does Social Networking/Social Networking Attention Add Value to Multimedia? Dena Voluse
Kathy Chenowith What Management Considerations Should I Make When Using Social Networking and Multimedia in My Classroom? The ratio of students/groups to computers/media
Set up rules that are enforceable and have clear expectations
Keep students actively involved
Allow students to help each other
Be flexible
Teach, model and enforce time management
Keep software up to date, and batteries charged
Always have a back up plan and supplemental materials Integration Other Notes: Sources: Multimedia and Social Networking:
the good, the bad and the ugly Multimedia: Social Networking: How do Multimedia & Social Networking Relate? How does social networking add value to multimedia? Creates an emotional connection between and the content and the person receiving the content
Increases the range and scope of visibility of information
Cultivates relationships between the mode of delivering information and the person receiving the information The integration of multimedia and social networking will only be successful if the tools are used appropriately.
If students are working in groups, roles should be clear to every group member.
If social media didn’t exist, not many people would be aware of what is going on in the world. It is important that it is integrated in education because students utilize and experiment with it on a daily basis.
Teachers need to be active participants and positive role models in the educational social network scene. Adding value –-> helping students make informed decisions. How will we assess the integration of social networking integration and multimedia?
-Are students engaged for entertainment or educational value?
-Is it helping students meet learning outcomes?
-What is the quality and frequency of student responses?
-Has it improved the culture and climate of my classroom?
-Are students collaborating and sharing ideas with their peers?
- Are they making educational connections beyond the classroom? Teach students about social networking etiquette. Remember BCPS Protocol for Online Tools
•Comply with the Baltimore County Public Schools Telecommunications Policies and Rules including but not limited to: Policy and Rule 6202, Policy and Rule 4104, Policy and Rule 5580, and Policy and Rule 5590.
•Use the BCPS Campus edition of PBworks.
•Regularly interact in discussion topics.
•Introduce new ideas and resources that can be shared by all members of the community.
•Utilize tools and resources to enhance academic or professional growth. George Lucas on
Multimedia and
Visual Literacy 25 ways to integrate social networking into your classroom
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