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The Vindication of the Rights of Women

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Taylor Phthisic

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of The Vindication of the Rights of Women

A Vindication of the Rights of Women with Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects
By: Mary Wollstonecraft
First Published in 1792 Before Woman's Rights Women's Education Bibliography http://www.ehow.com/info_8152863_womens-lives-before-rights.html






http://historyofsurgery.org/public_html/Web%20Pages/0479.htm Before women had rights colleges and universities wouldn't accept women. Women who came from a more poor background didn't have the chance to get an education. They often didn't know how to read or write, and were forced to jobs that were seamstresses or laundresses. Experience of Childbirth Childbirth for women is as we know excruciating pain. Before 1848 women were not allowed anesthesia or pain killers. It was believed by clergymen that it was against God's will. Property Rights If a women gets married her property that she owned is passed and controlled by her husband. When the property is in the husbands control he can do what he wishes with it, even without the wife's consent. Perceptions of Women Men perceived women as delicate and fragile people who couldn't do anything for themselves. This is one of the reasons why it was thought they shouldn't go to school, and do hard labor. Men are perceived to be kind to women, but in reality they only acted this way to women who were wealthy. They treated women who were poor with ridicule. After Women's Rights Women's Education In 1870 an estimated 1/5 of the students in college were women. Upper class women were traditionally taught by governesses. Though they could go to school the classes were limited to
reading, writing, French, needlework and practice on the piano. Experience of Childbirth Finally in 1848 anesthesia was administered during childbirth. This was done to a woman for the first time in America. Property Rights In 1848 New York passed the Married Women's Property Act. After this women who had inherited land had the same rights as single women.
In the 1870's legislation passed women rights to marital property. Perceptions of Women Women at Work In the 1900's women started working outside of their houses. In America women and children often worked over a 12 hour shift. The conditions were poor. The rooms were crowded, and non ventilated and they effected their health in an unhealthy way. It was common that they worked at textile mills, and garment shops. Women at Work In 1847 Great Britain passed a law that limited women to 10 hour working days. America passed the law in the 1910's that gave women a proper working environment and working hours. Though it is good that women don't work as harshly this made women have less job opportunities. Women were often found to be only wrong doers of everything. For a long time there was double standards. It seemed to me that men were just upset that women had rights to their own things. There were laws that made women get the ultimate punishment and men got away free. In my opinion society of men were trying to get back at women now that they had rights. The men only wanted to control women and the women are not going to take it anymore. Modern Times For Women Women's Education Today women can go to college and get any type of education she likes and isn't restricted to certain subjects to study. Women can go to the top colleges in the nation, and not be discriminated by their gender. Experience of Childbirth Today women can get pain killers, epidurals, and other types of pain relievers while experiencing birth. Women can chose to have a baby in many different settings and decide how they would like to give birth. Property Rights Women can buy, rent, and inherit property. It doesn't matter what the women's marital status is.They can sell it as they wish. And if they are married they can still have complete control of a house. Why did it take so long? You may ask yourself "Why did it take so long for women to get rights?" There's a simple answer. It's the same reason why African Americans took a while to get freedom. They were scared, and it's a slow growing process. Perceptions of Women Today women are just as equal as men. We have our independence, and we don't need anyone else. Women can be looked up or down upon just as men. Instead of judging by gender, often times we judge on personality. So it depends on the person on what the perception is, except for people who are still prejudice. Women at Work Today women have no restrictions on what job they do and the amount of time they work depends on the job. They have the same amount of chance to get a job as a men would. Women can do jobs with out lifting like working in an office or can do jobs where they lift things that men lift. What inspired Mary Wollstonecraft to right this piece of literature? Mary Wollstonecraft was abused as well as her mother when she was a child by her father. As we learned above the husband can take the children and the property so Mary's mother was bound to the marriage to protect her children.
Mary's sister Eliza had nervous break downs and Mary concluded it was because of Eliza's husband. Mary then kidnapped Eliza and filed for a legal separation from Eliza and her husband.
Mary's best friend had died, and years later she had a baby with a man who left her out of no where. Mary then attempted suicide by jumping off a bridge.
Mary later had sexual relations with a man whom she had been acquainted with for years, she got pregnant and had a daughter. Then 10 days later died.
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