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kyle brown

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of communism

Communism spreading through 1948
By Kyle L. Brown In Eastern Europe, Stalin used any means necessary to expand Communism. He used tactics such as banning political parties and newspapers that opposed Communism Communism Starts to Spread Soviets also jailed and even killed some political opponents as well as rigging elections to ensure that a Communist candidate was elected Before long, every nation in Europe had a Soviet-friendly Communist government The U.S. Takes Action President Harry Truman delivers a speech, directly attacking the Soviet Union for creating, what he called, an Iron Curtain The containment policy was adopted. This policy allowed for the U.S. to constrain the spread of Communism by aiding countries being pressured by the Soviet Union to adopt a communist government Soon after, the Truman Doctrine was issued. This doctrine was the same as the containment policy, regarding to the U.S. aiding countries facing against the Soviet Union. Another plan that was put into effect along with the Truman Doctrine and the Containment Policy was the Marshall Plan. This plan called for the U.S. to spend 13 billion dollars in aiding 17 countries. Distrust between the United States and the Soviet Union United States Soviet Union The Soviets argued that the U.S. took too long to attack Hitler because he thought that the attack would take some of the heat off of Germany The creation of the atomic bomb also angered the Soviets because they felt that the U.S. kept it a secret from them The main argument that the U.S. had against the Soviets was that they were continuing to expand Communism into other countries which could lead to the U.S. falling to Communism. The Soviet Union Takes Action At the thought of having a Western-style government in a Soviet Union zone, they take drastic action and completely block-off Berlin, not allowing anyone in or out. The U.S., Great Britain, and France Lend a Hand As soon as the Soviets set up the blockade, these 3 countries all start airlifting as much as 7,000 tons of supplies to the city each day. This went on until 1949 which by then the blockade was lifted. NATO is formed The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was composed of the U.S., Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Norway, and Portugal. This treay stated that if one member was attacked then it was an attack against all of the members.
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