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Alas, Babylon

No description

Michael Art

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Alas, Babylon

The conflict of Alas, Babylon would be Randy vs. Highway Men (Individual vs. Society). This is the conflict of the book because while Randy tries to restore order and peace in the town of Fort Repose, the Highway Men have only been making it more difficult. These Highway Men were formed by escaped prisoners and normal citizens after the nuclear bombs hit. As a society of their own, they created their own rules of surviving by using violence. These Highway Men used violence such as stealing and murdering to get what they needed.
Rising Action/Climax
Falling Action/Resolution
Rising Action
Randy convinces Dan to live with him
Randy takes legal responsibility over the town of Fort Repose
Alice cooks a great dinner for everyone, but Dan is missing
This worries Randy and Lib, causing them to go look for Dan
Both Randy and Lib hear an alarm coming from the house
After they hurry home, they see that Dan is injured
The climax of the story is when Randy hears the news of how Dan gets attacked by the Highway Men. The brutal beating of Dan makes Randy realize how big of a threat the Highway Men have become. This leads Randy to make a plan on hunting down the men, showing the rest of them that they meant business.
Falling Action
Randy is married to Lib on Easter Sunday
Randy starts to make his plans on hunting the Highway Men
Randy and his crew cruise around in the grocery truck, hoping to be spotted
Randy and his men are finally spotted and are led to a bridge
At the bridge, Randy is finally approached by the Highway Men
Monday, December 17, 1956
Pat Frank
Literary Devices
A subplot is a side story that supports the main plot
Subplot was used in this story when the story would switch from Fort Repose, to trouble in the Mediterranean
This side story tells of how an American pilot was chasing an enemy, looking to destroy, but ends up blowing up a harbor in Syria on accident
This supports the main plot because it shows that this accident will cause the nuclear war on the U.S
Symbolism was used in the story when Mark sent Randy the telegram and in the title of the book
The symbol that is used in the story is the word Alas, Babylon
Alas, Babylon basically means disaster
This symbol helps with the plot because it gave a clue that something catastrophical was coming
The mood is shaped by the story's events
The mood of Alas, Babylon starts off with a nervous feel because of nuclear war closing in
Then it changes to a worrisome feel because people don't know what to do after the bombs
In the end, it changes to a hopeful feel because restoration and peace is starting to take place
Alas, Babylon
Randy Bragg
Randy Bragg is a lawyer/politician of Fort Repose and lives a comfortable life
His family established the town of Fort Repose
After the nuclear war, Randy is forced to leave his comfortable life and become more responsible
Throughout the book, Randy becomes a leader, taking care of friends and family

Dan Gunn
Dan is the doctor of Fort Repose
Dan always wanted to help others in faraway places, but his divorce would not let him
After the nuclear bombs, Dan moves in with Randy, helping him take care of the community

Elizabeth McGovern (Lib)
Lib is the girlfriend/wife of Randy Bragg
She and her father move into Randy's house after the death of her mother
Lib also helps in taking care of the community

Helen Bragg
Helen Bragg is the wife of Randy's brother, Mark
Helen and her two kids, Peyton and Ben, are sent to Randy because of the fear of war
Helen is a strong woman, and can usually keep her composure in times of trouble
The story of the book is set in Fort Repose, a town in Florida
The time setting of Alas, Babylon takes place in the late 1950s
During the 1950s, the relationship between the Soviet Union and the U.S were very uneasy
Both of the countries were on edge of a nuclear war
Alas, Babylon was also in the time period when racism and segregation were still around
The resolution of the story took place when Randy finally meets the Highway Men that beat Dan. There is a shootout and three of the bandits are killed at the bridge, while the other is hanged in public.
The theme of Alas, Babylon is that relations and connections is the key to survival. Throughout the story, relations and moral support in the Bragg household helps everyone pull through the hard times of war. Randy's connections with the whole town also helps him with a lot of difficulties. With the help of his community, he defeats Highway Men, gets the supplies he needs, and keeps peace.
Controversy and Review
Controversial Argument

A controversial argument we had between the group was what the climax of Alas, Babylon was.
Some of the group members thought that the climax started when the first bombs hit the U.S. Others thought the climax happened when Dan was attacked by the Highway Men.
Alas, Babylon is a story that gives a small insight on what nuclear holocaust would look like it if it actually happened. The book is about survivors trying to rebuild society after bombs wipe out the U.S. I would recommend this book to people who wonder what a post apocalyptic world might look like. I would also recommend this book to anyone who likes slow reads. Alas, Babylon takes awhile until it gets really good.
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