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Who Had It Worse?

No description

isabella ko

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Who Had It Worse?

How Badly Were Each Group effected?
Southern Slaves
How Many People Were Effected: People don't know the exact amount of people effected but we think between 9 to 11 million.
How were people effected: People were effected because their families were in slavery and killed from slavery. Even free African Americans were effected because they were always looked at.
Who was effected: All African Americans, slaves, and children of slaves were effected.
How long were people effected: People are still effected now because of the stories of how badly they were treated, but slaves were effected from when they started working and then for the rest of their lives.

Had it Worse?
By: Isabella Ko
Who Are They?
Southern Slaves
Factory Workers
Who Are They?
Factory Workers
Who Had It Worse?
African Americans who have to work for their masters.
They are thought of as animals who are sold and bought from people, they were only considered as 3/4 of a person.
Every African American had to work for a white person unless they were freed from slavery.
Slavery wasn't like work, people didn't get paid, they were treated like animals, and worked until they died unless they escaped.
Southern Slaves
Images For Southern Slaves
Factory Workers
They worked in critical conditions that threatened the lives of the workers.
About 35,000 women died per year because of dangerous diseases, conditions and accidents.
The girls worked 10 hours 6 days a week although they got paid. It was below minimum wage.
They could choose if they wanted to work in a factory or stay at their home and work on the farm.
Factory Workers
How Many People Were Effected: Again people don't know how many people were effected, but this time we do not have a specific number.
How were people effected: People were effected because of the hard conditions that almost killed the workers. Some people's lives were changed forever because they were missing a person caused by a factory death.
Who was effected: Most factory workers and their families.
How long were people effected: People were only effected for a little while because the work was hard but they weren't tortured. Although if people died then people would always think of them.
How Were People Effected?
Southern Slaves
Slaves were effected by people in their life dying because of working so hard.
Some slaves had permanent scars from being beat by their masters.
Babies were born into slavery so parents didn't want to have babies to make them suffer like they did.
Even freed slaves had to watch what they were doing because white people didn't have any respect for them.
How Were People Effected?
Factory Workers
Workers were effected because they could have died or gotten hurt.
They had permanent or temporary scars because of the working conditions.
Their families were effected because somebody could have died or did die.
They had a hard time eating and making money so they could have ended up poor.
Who Had it Worse?
I believe that southern slaves had a harder life because they had to work terribly hard for no money when factory workers got paid.
Factory workers got to quit and slaves had to work because if a African American's skin was dark then they had to work.
Slaves were not treated like people but at least factory workers were thought of as people.
Therefore slaves had a harder life because they had to work until they died or they died from their work.
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