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Mobile Phones

No description

Howard Battersby

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

by Pepoula Saleh

the first one mobile phone came out in 1973. Many people are still confused because at the time people didn't really believe in them so it wasn't recorded.
Now there are many brands of phones... But which ones are the best?
Most of the population have a Blackberry, IPhone or use a phone powered by Android.
Iphones or apple aren't very cheap! And to be honest neither is Android phones. Blackberries aren't very good either, they are cheap but very bad and slow.

The ending!
Finally we come to the end of Smart&Normal phones.
I hope you enjoyed reading this presantion and learnt lots from it.
Have fun buying your new phone.
inventor of mobile phones?
The people who invented the first mobile phone was Martin Cooper!

history of mobile phones!
working for a higher technology in phones
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