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No description

Alexandra Gordon

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of leadership

Anna Wintour
By Reanna Dockrell 13013709
Katy Power 13005546
Alexandra Gordon 11012301
Ana Santos 13019376
What does Wintour say about herself and leadership style?
Insists she is not a Micromanager
Transformational Leadership: and Charisma (House, 1976)

Since March 2013, artistic director of Condé Nast

How do the media
portray Anna Wintour?
'Anna Wintour OBE will receive the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2014 British Fashion Awards.' Daily Mail (2014) Editor since 1988

"I don't think I am that hands-on''
''I can assure you that people who work with me don't think I'm intimidating''
Anna imposes herself as absolute authority
“In the end I do respond to my own instincts. I think, remain true to what you believe in.”
'Anna Wintour is best known as the influential editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, and for her iconic pageboy haircut and large sunglasses.'
Image: Vogue
After working as a junior fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar, the current editor-in-chief of Vogue was fired by then-editor Tony Mazalla. He said she “didn’t understand American fashion.” Fashion.net (2014)

Wintour "I recommend that you all get fired. It's a great learning experience." The Independent (2010)
'In conversations I have with friends before meeting her, she is variously imagined to be brilliant, stupid, an artist, a bully, a hero, a scapegoat, an empowerer and the reason why women get eating disorders.' The Guardian (2006)
Personality towards media gave her the nickname 'Nuclear Wintour'
Style Approach (Blake & Mounton, 1964)
Since 1988, editor-in-chief of American Vogue
concern for production’s factor:
new product development:
teen vogue, men’s vogue, special edition: September Issue .
sales volume
Authority-Compliance profile


communication is only made to give instructions
employees are just a mean to an end

More focused on:
Intrinsic motivation
Follower’s development

Charismatic elements
(Riggio, 2006)

Anna Wintour leadership style under Charismatic Leadership Model:
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What makes Anna Wintour
a leader?
Editor of Vogue Magazine
Trend Setter
Spinoff Vogue products

Transformational and Charismatic
leader due to
and being influential?
Authority Compliance
leader due to her own suggestion of keeping her head down to do the job?

"fashion’s most powerful woman"- Forbes

"I keep my head down and do the job
to the best of my ability."- Anna Wintour

(Forbes, 2010)

The Devil Wears Prada
Wintour refers to media perception as "exaggerated"
"Anna Wintour has always had an aura of unapproachable mysteriousness"
(The Guardian, 2011)

(Totalbeauty, 2014)
(Fashionista, 2013)
(Caleaders, 2013)
(Forbes, 2011)
(Forbes, 2011)
Authoritarian personality
Characterization of the leader in
Devil wears Prada (2006)
and in
The September Issue (2009)
Based on original Personality Characteristics, Behaviors, and Effects on Followers of Charismatic Leadership (House, 1976)
All quotes cited by British Fashion Awards' website (2014)
Relying now more on:
intrinsic motivation
follower’s development
(Riggio, 2006)
Described as a:
“special personality characteristic that gives a person superhuman or exceptional power and is reserved for a few”
(Weber, 1947)
Distinguished by everyone for:
being a strong model
her performance

Anna Wintour leadership style under Charismatic Leadership Model:
ideological goals
moral overtones
high expectations in her followers
(Avolio & Gibbons, 1988)
improvement of followers’ competence
self-efficacy in order to improve the leader’s outcome.
Anna Wintour leadership style under Charismatic Leadership Model:
(Trait Approach, Kirkpatrick and Locke 1991)
(Northouse pg.74 , 2013)
Wintour's interpretation of her leadership styles
Successes and failures
What makes Wintour a leader?
How do the media portray Wintour?
Style Approach
Charismatic leadership model

(Vogue archive, 2014)
Bass Bernard M. (2005) Transformational Leadership. England: Psychology Press
Burns M james (2010). Leadership. England: Harper Perennial Modern Classics
Trait approach- Goldberg (1990) Big five personality factors:
- Neuroticism
- Openness
- Agreeableness
- Conscientiousness
- Extroversion- Rated highly; Dominant and opinionated
Judge et al after studying found this factor was most strongly associated with leadership

Authentic leadership characteristics: (Bill George 2003)
Passion, Behaviour, Connectedness, Consistency and Compassion
- Anna Wintour’s leadership style adopts a very Authoritarian style approach due to the fact that it is evident she has clear expectations about how work should be carried out, in what style and within which time span.
This model gives more insight into this theory,
this theory has not been tested for validity and is still currently in its formative stages.
Criticisms- However Stogdille (1948) states its hard to isolate a set of particular traits to the personality of a
leader due to different situational effects
Bennis, Warren (2009). On becoming a leader. 4th ed. US: Basic Books.
Gardner W, L (2005). Authentic Leadership Theory and Practice: Origins, Effects and Development (Monographs in Leadership and Management. 4th ed. 2005: JAI press
Gill R (2011). Theory and practice of leadership. 2nd ed. England: SAGE Publications Ltd.
Bush T (2010). Theories of Educational Leadership and Management . 4th ed. UK: SAGE Publications Ltd.
Transformational and Charismatic
due to media portrayal as
unconventional behavior
with a sense of

Charisma: “special personality characteristic that gives a person superhuman or exceptional power and is reserved for a few” (Weber, 1947)
(Northouse, 2013)
Vogue Archive (2014)
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