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Alex and Reece

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Alex and Reece

Alex and Reece
Medal of Honor
The medal of honor is Americas highest military honor and is only given to those who show:
These people showed at least one of those things in the face of danger.
Soldier 2:
Bennie G. Adkins
Sgt.Adkins was attacked when he was at camp A for combat operations.They were attacked by a large Viet. Cong. force. Sgt. Adkins rushed through intense hostile fire and manned a mortar position. Although he was wounded , he ran through exploding mortars and dragged several of his wounded comrades to the camp dispensary.
Soldier 3:
John D. Hawk
Rank: Sergent
Company: Company E
Born: May 30th, 1924, San Francisco, calif
Entered Service At: Bremonton, Wash
Date of Issue: 6/24/1945
Place: Near Cambois, France
Date: 20 august 1944
Organisation:U.S. Army
Division: 359th Infantry,90th Infantry Division
Departed: Yes (11/04/2013)
G.O. Number: 55
Accredited To: Bremonton, WA
Soldier 4:
Robert L Howard
Soldier 1:
Lucian Adams
Rank: Staff sergeant
Company: ?
Born: Port Arthur,Texas
Where: Near St.Die, France
Date: 28 October 1944
Organization: U.S. army
division: 30th infantry, 3rd infantry Division
Departed: Yes
G.O. Number: 20
Was awarded the medal of honor for conspicuous gallery and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty on October 28 , 1944 near St.die France.When fighting in a lone assault on a force of german troops. Sgt. Adams killed 9 German troops , eliminated 3 enemy machine gunners and vanquished a specialized force which was armed with automatic weapons and grenade launchers.
The reason i chose this man was because even though an artillery shell knocked out his gun and wounded his right thigh he kept fighting. He grabbed a bazooka and made the tanks that were attacking him move into a wooded area. then he fixed a tank and tryed to tell the people in the tanks where the enemy tanks were, but they couldn't hear him so he climbed up to the aforementioned exposed area and told 2 tanks where to shoot.
Robert L. Howard mission was to rescue a american soldier in enemy controlled area in the republic of Vietnam. During the initial engagement Lt.Robert was wounded and his gun was destroyed in a grenade explosion. Although he was unable to walk,and weaponless,
he crawled through heavy fire and retrieved his leader.
the literal meaning of courage is the ability to do something that frightens one. to me that means that even though your scared or in pain you are still brave and do whatever it is to help your fellow soldiers.
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