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No description

Alberta Prezi

on 2 June 2018

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Transcript of Scott

We Are
First Golden West station launched in 1957
45 Radio stations across 5 provinces
20 community web portals
7 community apps
Provide a hyper-local focus to rural and small markets
Our Community
And our communities voice!
is ...
Home of the Sunny 94 Webpage
Visited by over 40,000 viewers per month looking at over 100,000 pages.
Red Deer
Lacombe County
Red Deer County
Are you getting your fair share of the pie?
Powered by the award winning
Sunny 94 News Team
Central Albera's source for current, local news and information
How should I advertise?
Thank you!
Welcome Tracy & Cody!
Our Market
Your Market!


Recommended Marketing Investment
1 x Weekday Weather
Monday - Friday 6am-6pm, Listener focused feature
Breakfast Boost Sponsor
Monday - Friday 6:40am, Live & Produced Liners
ROS Digital Ad - Lacombeonline.com
Big Box or Leaderboard Ad on every page excluding homepage
Your Investment: $700/month
Total Value:$1,000/month
Marketing Investment - Option 2
2 x Weekday Weather
Monday - Friday 6am-6pm, Listener focused feature
Your Investment: $450/month
Minimum 12 month Partnership
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