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BSA Crime Prevention Merit Badge

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Cynthia Sanchez

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of BSA Crime Prevention Merit Badge

BSA Crime Prevention Merit Badge
Crime Prevention and Your Role

CRIME: It is a violation of law, duty, or a moral principle.

It is an offense against the state or its people, or against the federal government or its people, and is punished by the government.

EVIDENCE: It is verbal or physical material that is submitted to a court that offers proof or helps determine facts.

SUSPECT: A person who authorities think may have committed a crime, although it has not been proven.

ARRESTS: Physically restraining a persons movement or depriving a person the freedom to leave.
Types of Crimes
In the criminal justice system, crimes are distinguished by the severity level.

Misdemeanor Crimes: a less serious crime that is punishable by fines and/or a jail sentence less than 1 year.

Felony Crimes: crimes serious in nature, usually punishable by fines, prison terms or, in some states - death.

1. Learn about crime and crime prevention methods

2. Discuss types of crimes, their effects and your role

3. Teach others at home, school, and your friends about crime and prevention
Fighting Crime
What is the impact of gangs in your neighborhood?

Give some suggestions on how to protect yourself from violent crimes, such as gangs or other crimes.

Know How to Report a Crime
Report accurately and promptly
Have emergency #s posted in convenient place
Stay calm and report as much detail as possible - stick to the facts.

Do Some Activities
Police Officer Role
The police has the responsibility and the authority to enforce the laws passed by our society. This includes everything from speed limits to criminal laws.

Police Officers are 911 Driven.
They rely on others ot alert them to crime.
They want, they need more people to help protect the public.

They Need You!!!

Police & Citizens Working Together
Citizens are responsible for the quality of life in their communities.

Even though law enforcement officers help keep the community safe, they rely on citizens in their crime prevention efforts.

What can you do?
protect your personal property
help neighbors guard their property
report any crime or suspicious activities
establish/volunteer programs within the community, like a Neighborhood Watch, to help deter criminals.





Aggravated Assault
Aggravated Battery


1. Prepare a poster sheet that relates to crime and crime prevention
2. List and discuss crime opportunities in your neighborhood
3. Use the security home survey (use check list given)
Make sure you share with your family your completed survey
Drug Awareness
What is the impact of drugs on society?

"Drugs: A Deadly Game" Campaign (BSA)

Gateway Drugs
Drugs that are addictive and leads to the use of other drugs
Nicotine, alcohol and marijuana

Uppers and Downers & Club Drugs
Drugs that are more dangerous and addictive
Should be avoided at all costs
Inhalants: model airplane glue, lacquer thinner, lighter fluid, cleaning fluids
Effects: disrupt hearth rhythms, harm to vital organs, such as brain, kidney, liver, and cause death
20% of 8th graders have abused inhalers

LSD, Ecstacy (XTC), PCP (angel dust, mescaline, psilocybin
Produce hallucinations to convulsions
Club drugs: AMF (China White) MPTP (new heroin) - resemble heroin
Called designer drugs and meant to mimic effects of illegal drugs
Depress the body's circulation and respiratory system, lead to death

Cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin (dust)
Narcotics include: codeine, methadone, morphine, and other painkillers
depress breathing and all body functions
Amphetamines (speed): overstimulate and overwork the body causing severe depression and paranoia
blood vessels in brain erupt and heart failure occurs
Barbiturates (downers)
Child Abuse
A major problem in our soicety
The 3 R's of BSA Youth Protection


How can you help others - Signs of Child Abuse
Sudden changes in behavior, appetite, appearnace
Physical or medical problems ignored by parent/gaurdian
Learning problems
Pessimistic outlook on life
Lack of adult supervision
Overly passive or withdrawn
Arrives at school early, stays late, doesn't want to go home
Difficulty walking or sitting
Refusing to change clothes for gym
Nightmares, bedwetting
May have a sexual disease
Delayed physical or emotional development
Threats/attempts suicide
Displays a lack of attachment to parent(s)/guardian
Law Enforcement
Crime Prevention Agencies
Criminal Justice System
Private Security
Boys Scouts of America

What you need to know:
Help your community
Work hard in school
Say "NO" to drugs
Go to college
Stay Away from Crime and those that commit crime
Have Fun
Stay Safe
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