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No description

léa turan

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Ladurée

The different products and services

Ladurée beauty
Candles and perfumes

David Holder

Chairman of Ladurée

Ladurée is a family company

Respect the tradition

Promote the French lifestyle

No differences about the service or products between the countries
Movie Marie-Antoinette
The Macaroon

A macaroon is a french luxury pastry composed by two delicate meringue's shells and joined with a delicious ganache filling.
The macaroon melts into one's mouth as you bite into it...

Once upon a time...
Louis Ernest Ladurée
The French Style
French Luxury , elegance , stylishness

Everything is connected to the almond as the candles, macaroons, perfumes.

Ambassadress : Blake Lively

Ladurée is the embodiment of french luxury thanks to the cinema and the magazines.

Macaroons and pastries

Marquis Ladurée
Basics informations

Subsidiary Holder

Head office : Marcq-en-Barœul

Turnover : 140M € in 2012

Strategy based on :
Strategy of luxury sector ( Corporate image / famous adresses )

Based on international development

Uncompromising with employees for the company image
In 1862 : found a backery located in Royal Street 16

Pierre Desfontaines : got the idea to joined two macaroons shells with a ganache filling

1993 : purchased by the Group Holder

In 2009 : The designer Christian Louboutin has collaborated with Ladurée
Ladurée collaborated with Nina Ricci

New perfume and an exclusive range of macaroons

Gourmet, sweet universe

Suggests an attractive temptation, an echo of Adam and Eve
Thank you for your attention !
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