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Chromebook Training Presentation

No description

Colette Hicks

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Chromebook Training Presentation

I am going to learn...
1.) Navigation, desktop settings, Ya know the basics
2.) Google Drive
3.) Chrome
Creating a Chrome book Culture
...Day 1
The Lewis & Clark Exploration
We want to give you the opportunity to check out our new toy....

As you play:
Write down questions or things that you would like more information on
Park the post it in the parking lot, and we will check it and potentially have an answer by the end.
...But first we log in
Where I go for settings.
A Chromebook is a personal computer that runs Chrome as an opperating system.
What is a Chrome Book you ask?
Google Drive:

aka: cloud storage
You get 5 GB free storage
You can attach and send bulky e-mail attachments
You can share and edit documents
Third party apps play a crucial role in its success


Drive gets even Cooler...
More things you may not have known it could do.




Preview files

Share documents with others

Manage documents

Create surveys & Invitations

Step 1
Step 2
Look for the square of squares!

Locate the Google Drive document....
Creating a Document or other project
Click on the bright RED create button.
You can then create:
1.) New Folders in your Drive
2.) Word document
3.) Power Point Presentations
4.) Spreadsheets
5.) Forms
Take a few min. to play in each area.
A brief walk through "Your" Drive:
Shared with me
Everything in your Drive and from the Web that you want to sync to other devices.
Files others have shared
Files & Folders that are star worthy
The things you opened & viewed most recently....of course.
your garbage.
Is a free open source web browser
In this section you will lean:
Touchpad Gestures
Settings & Gestures
Hand Gestures on the Touch pad:

2 finger tap
2 finger swipe left & right
3 finger swipe to the left and the right
4 finger swipe up
4 finger swipe down
Drag & drop items (one finger to click, use another to drag)
* Bookmark:
* Find something:
* New tab:
* New window:

Put 'em away....


PEACE! (have a good night)

Touchpad Settings
* Choose Enable tap-to-click

* Chose Australian Scrolling (to change how screen scrolls)
Ctrl+ T
In and out along with full screen is found only in settings.
Settings for Chrome:
These can be found to the far left on the address bar (3 horizontal lines icon)
Chrome VS MAC
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