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Solar Power

No description

abril D

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Solar Power

Solar Power
Sol Schvarzstein, Simon Stein, Nicolas Kizlansky & Abril Dlugach.
Solar Photovoltaic power consists in putting a panel that captures the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells, under the sun and it produces electricity directly.
Solar power is related to the sun.
It is divided in two: Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal.
Solar Thermal Power consists in putting water under the sun, so it boils, make steam, turn a turbine, move a generator and produces electricity.
Photovoltaic cells don't need direct sunlight to work.
The cells convert the sunlight directly into electricity.
It is a very efficient way of producing electricity because it produces electricity directly.
There are 3 basic types of construction of PV panels:


Solar Farm
There are 4 types of solar thermal power plants:

Parabolic trough collector
Linear Fresnel collector
Central receiver system with dish collector
Central receiver system with distributed reflectors
The solar thermal energy is a renewable source.
Solar Photovoltaic (world-wild)
One domestic panel cannot supply completely (replacing other sources) a house. But one solar plant can.
Is it possible to use solar power to supply the whole country’s consumption, replacing other sources (completely or partially)?
The largest solar station world wild is located in Crimea, Ukraine. The project is called Perovo and it's capacity is 105,56 Mw. It ocuppies 200 hectareas.
Domestic Panels
Solar Power Plant in a Dessert
Some applications that uses solar power are: air conditioning, cell phone chargers, cookers, vehicles, dryers, keyboards, lamps, flashlights, notebook, calculators, refrigerators and watches.
The Strawberry Tree
Solar vehicle
Solar keyboard
Solar parasol
Solar chair
• Solar energy is a completely renewable resource.

• Solar energy is energy supplied by nature.

• PV panels are totally silent, producing no noise at all.

• PV panels provide clean – green energy.
• Solar production decreases over winter months.

• Solar energy panels require additional equipment.
Is the Solar photovoltaic a renewable source?
Which energies are involved in its operation?
Which energies are involved in its operation?
The largest power plant in Argentina is called Cañada Honda.
Lab Activity
We compared two models
Without mirror
With mirror
The second largest solar power plant is worl wild is located in Ontaro, Canada. The project's name is Sarnia and it's capacity is 80 MW.
The photovoltaic efect was discovered first in 1839
The first photovioltaic cell was build at 1883

Thank you for listening!!!
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