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Bridget Steele

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of space

Space: Moon, Venus, Murcury RANGER 7- The Moon July, 28, 1964. Yielded over 4,000 photos of lunar surface. Picture of ranger 7 By: Ashleigh, Katelyn,Brittany and Sydney. Ranger 8: Moon Feb. 17 , 1995. Yeilded over 7,000 photos of lunar surface. Surveyor 3 April 17, 1967 Moon. Scooped and tested lunar soil. Mariner 10 Nov. 3 1973 Venus, Murcury Passeed Venus 2/5/74 arrived Mercury 3/29/74 1st time gravity of 1 planet (Venus) used to whip spacecraft toward another. (Mercury) Mariner 10 Nov. 3 1973 Passed Venus 2/5/74 arrived Murcury 3/29/74 Voyager 2 Aug. 20, 1977 Jupiter, Saturn, Uranis, and Neptune. Encountered Jupitor 7/9/79 Saturn 8/25/81 Uranis 1/24/86 Neptune 8/25/89 Lunar Prospector Jan. 6 1998 moon Began orbiting the moon 1/11/98. Mapped abundance of 11 elements on moons surface. Discoved evidence of water-ice at both lunar poles made 1st precise gravity map of entire lunar surface. Crashed into crater near moons south pole 7/31/99 to end mission http://www.dnatube.com/video/2824/The-Planet-Mercury
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