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Lead (Plumbum)

Science preject

Hannah Park

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Lead (Plumbum)

Lead Hannah Park Po or Me tals Solid B Grey Lust ous r u , , High l u e i s h Mal le bil a ity , Po or Con duc to r Opa , ue q , Den sity : 11.34cm 3 at 20 0 C Atomic RADIUS : 175pm Boiling Point : 1749 0 C Melting Point :327 0 C Discovery Back in 5000B.C Latin Word Plumbum M A I N
s O U R C E ENA GAL HEALTH CONCERNS SOLID WASTE Cumulative Poison Flaking of Lead Paints GASOLINE AND FINALLY R.I.P Ducks and Geese That was all about
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