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Genius Hour

No description

Ashley Ponscheck

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Genius Hour

Collaboration Resources

What is Genius Hour?
Adapting Genius Hour in the Classroom

20% Time


Components of Genius Hour
This is time for you to explore, so don't feel pressure to grade, lesson plan, or do other paperwork. You can even explore your personal not just professional interests.

Creating a Culture of Collaboration Using Genius Hour
20% Reflection Padlet :
Inquiry Projects
Project-Based Learning
Design-Based Instruction
Think about where you can incorporate student driven research and projects in your classroom.
What concepts in my course are project worthy?
Why are these topics significant or relevant to my students' future?
How could my students apply these skills or concepts to real-world problems
What level will the final product reach? Analysis, evaluation, synthesis, creation?
What 21st century skills do my students need to succeed? Technology, research, critical thinking, communication?
Sample Projects:
Inquiry-Based: Pecha Kucha based project http://www.pechakucha.org/
Project-Based: Financial Makeover: http://galileo.org/schools/strathmore/math/grade11/finance/index.html
Design-Based: Design a thermos using the laws of thermodynamics: http://galileo.org/cbe/thermodynamics/
Have students form groups based on interests (Google form)
Have groups make group contracts. Templates: http://goo.gl/ZiOUlb
Help students with conflict/ resolution skills: http://goo.gl/EOdOIG
Create teacher and student roles: http://wearescientists.edublogs.org/roles/
Citation Resources
Easy bib
: http://www.easybib.com/
Citation machine
: http://www.citationmachine.net/
Purdue OWL:

Genius Hour: http://www.geniushour.com/
Genius Hour & the 6 Essentials of Personalized Education: http://goo.gl/5vSrni
Turn Genius Hour Into Genius Year: http://goo.gl/Erwcv9
Personalized Learning & Query Books: http://goo.gl/wSQ6Xv
6 Principles of Genius Hour in the Classroom: http://goo.gl/HwUj9a
Genius Hour Livebinder: http://goo.gl/TMPuL
Genius Hour Resources
Interactive Learning
Pacing & Structure
Backward Planning
20% Class Time In Two Minutes

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