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Why Americanization is Good

No description

Aasha Marler

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Why Americanization is Good

Why Americanization is a Good Thing

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Benefits to the Employee

Benefits to the Customer
Benefits to the Organization as a Whole

Employees are respected and equal

Customers are more comfortable and do not talk down to employees, therefore employees are more willing to serve customers


Part of the "Brand" image

Opposite of segregation=equality

Channel diversity
Neutralize negative differences

U.S. Made is viewed as a strength

"When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do"
Benefits to the Customer
Helps bond employees

No one get special attention

Easier accommodation
Join the family!
Benefits to the Employee
Diversity is good but only to an extent

Preferential treatment
Benefits to the Organization as a Whole
• Repeat customers

Customers who feel comfortable in an establishment are more likely to repeat business there.

• Establishes a common ground

By asking employees to comply to the preferences of the customers, employees establish a connection with customers by seeming familiar and making customers comfortable.

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