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Magic Tree House Dark Day In The Deep Sea

No description

krish desai

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Magic Tree House Dark Day In The Deep Sea

What Happens
What happens in this book is that Jack and Annie continue their quest for the secret of happiness-secrets they need if they're going to save Merlin.But when the tree house leads them to a tiny deserted island in the middle of the ocean,they're not sure who needs more them or Merlin ! The two are rescued by a ship
full of explorers and scientists. But the crew is not looking for the secrets of happiness . The crew is looking for ...a sea monster! Can Jack and Annie find the secret of happiness!
Teddy and Kathleen
Jack and Annie got sign and went to the tree house 2 people where there their names were Teddy and Kathleen the to were assistants of Morgan the magical librarian all of Morgan's books would take Jack and Annie to setting of the book and even change the year as well. In this mission Jack and Annie were token to island to find the secret of happiness
The End of The Misson
Annie picked up a seashell from the table.The shell was white and the sea shell had reddish brown lines.Henry said it is one of my treasure...
Island Arrival
Henry showed Jack and Annie some ooze at the bottom of the ocean and Henry told Jack and Annie to feel the ooze and Henry held out a plate for the two to feel the ooze the ooze was sticky and wet then Henry gave Jack and Annie a cloth to wipe their hands and then Henry picked up a large book and showed Jack and Annie pictures of sea shells Jack said the pictures were great then...
Magic Tree House Dark Day In The Deep Sea
A Merlin Mission
Book # 39
Once Jack and Annie arrive at the island in their tree house the two went to play in the ocean then Annie saw a ship Annie thought it was Pinky and Stinky but it were some people helping scientists Jack asked the scientists what was he doing the scientist said looking for a sea monster Jack and Annie were shocked.
The scientist took Jack and Annie on to their
boat and the manger got mad because their
was a rule that no kids are allowed on boat
but then Jack and Annie had to stay because
there was a storm coming up so everyone
went below deck the scientists name was
after the secret came to Jack and Annie and the others learned a lesson not harm creatures then Jack and Annie were teleported back and fufilled their misson and then...
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