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Civil War

No description

Cara Catalano

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Civil War

Civil War
Early Victories
- The North's main goal in the West was to gain control of the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers.
War In The West
- The Union launched its operations in the West from Cairo, Illinois.
- Early in 1862, Grant was ordered to move against Confederate forces under General Albert Sidney Johnson in Kentucky and Tennessee.
- Grant captured Fort Henry on the Tennessee river.
- "Unconditional Surrender" Grant became North's new hero.
War in The East
The important people in this war was Robert E. Lee and James E.B ( J.E.B. ) Stuart.
Lee took command of the army opposing McClellan.
Stuart was lee's cavalry leader.
At the end the union troops had failed to capture Richmond.
The Battle at Antietam
Following these Southern Victories, Confederate president Jefferson Davis ordered Lee to launch an offensive into Maryland.
A Lee's army marched into Maryland in September 1862, McClellan and 80,000 Union troops moved slowly after them.
The Union and the Confederate armies clashed on September 17Th in the Battle of Antietam.
By the time the fight ended their were about 6,000 Union and Confederacy soldiers lay dead or dying, and another 17,000 were injured.
Gloom in the North
Reports from Richmond disheartened the North.
Their was another call for volunteers, 300,000 this time, but the response was slow.
At the end of the was they were very disappointed that they were defeated.
By: Cara Catalano
Undefeated at Richmond.
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