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Language Learning International, Dublin

No description

Mary O'Connor

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Language Learning International, Dublin

Language Study courses in Europe
Who are we?
An Irish company based in Blackrock with over 25 years experience in offering YOU the best language study courses abroad.
We believe the best way of improving your language is to spend time in the country and experience what life is like for teenagers abroad.
We are partnered with the best language schools in France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland so we can provide you the course you need.
How can we help you?
By improving your fluency through study and practise
With varied and exciting language programmes combining learning with fun and cultural immersion
By allowing you to make great new friends from different countries
By giving you the independence of living away from home and promoting self-confidence
Tell me more...
School located centrally
Learn in an international environment
La Rochelle, West France:
State of the art modern school
Sun terraces, cafeteria
Multi-media resources with full wifi
Concerts, leisure activities and excursions
Explore the city
French in Antibes, South of France
Lively, safe town between Nice and Cannes
Language courses for 13-15 and 16-18 year olds
Chat and socialise with
other students
Go on excursions and make new friends
Take part in our language and cooking courses
Valencia, Marbella, Nerja and Zaragoza
Language Schools in Spain
With a Host Family
In residence
On campus
Stay with locals and learn about the country's culture
All host families are thoroughly vetted by our local co-ordinators
The Lessons
Here's the bit the Parents will like
German in Hamburg,Germany
On the weekends, go on trips around France
Learn in a fun and interactive environment
Excursions, cycling and shopping in Germany
Our Teachers...
Highly trained language experts
Enthusaistic about language
Create a relaxed and fun atmosphere
So students...
Better understand chosen language
Gain confidence and proficiency
Make new friends and have a great time
Classes include...
An evaluation test on the first day to assess each student's skill level
In each of our language schools, there is a wide range of activities to unwind after classes :
Volleyball on the beach
Excursions to Water parks, Aquariums
Discos, beach parties and BBQs in the evenings
Sounds good, right ?
Take time
to relax and
Contact us...
Visit our website: http://www.lli.ie
Well, what are you waiting for ?
Ring us: +353 1 214 3314
Where your perfect course lives
Certificates are awarded on completion of the course
Residences / families are located close to schools for student convenience and security
Fun role-play sessions

To thank you for attending our presentation today we would like to offer YOU a €20 itunes voucher for the first
10 bookings we receive from Loreto Abbey students.
Leysin, Switzerland:
Study and learn in scenic setting
All inclusive language programmes
Cinema, cafeteria,wifi
Skiing, horse-riding, gym
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