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No description

Larissa Klasema

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Articles

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
-> singular/you speak about a thing for the first time.
When we were on holiday, we stayed at

We use
when we are speaking about a specific thing
Tim sat down on
a chair
Tim sat down an
the chair
next to the door

Definite article -> the
Indefinite article -> a/an
We also use
when it is clear in situation which thing or person we mean
Can you turn off
the light
I took a taxi to
the station
Go to
the bank/the post office
I have to go to
the bank
and then I'm going to
the post office
Go to the doctor/the dentist
She has gone to
the doctor
I don't like going to
the dentist
We say: once a week/three times a day/ 1.50 pound a kilo
We say the radio but television/TV
I listen to
the radio
a lot and I watch
a lot
Do use 'the' when you mean the television set
Can you turn off
the television,
We use 'the' with breakfast/lunch/dinner but we add a/an to make it more specific
We had
a very nice lunch
We do not use 'the' before noun + number
Our train leaves from
Platform 5
Do get
question three?
We use 'the' when there is only one of something
Have you ever crossed
the equator?
Amsterdam is
the capital of
the Netherlands
We use 'the' before same/the same
Your sweater is the same colour as mine

We also use earth, without the, when we think of it as a planet
Which planet is nearest Earth?
We say space, without universe, when we mean 'space in universe'
There are millions of stars
in space
I tried to park my car, but
the space
was too small
We use a/an to say what kind of thing something is
The sun is
a star
The hotel we stayed at was
a very nice hotel
We go to the cinema/the theatre
I go to
the cinema and the theatre
a lot ( also use 'the' when you not mean a specific cinema/theatre
The sun / The sky / The moon / The sea / The earth The ground / The world / The environment /
The universe/ The internet
We say 'to school' and 'at school' when we are speaking about students. 'school' is a general idea.

We use prison/jail/hospital/university/college/church in the same way.
We do not use 'the' when we are thinking of the general idea of these places and what they are used for.
Most of the time you use 'the' when you are a visitor. Are you not a visitor but a patient/prisoner/student? Then say it without 'the'
Joe had an accident last week. He was taken
to hospital
Jane has gone to the hospital to visit Joe. She is at
the hospital
now ( visitor)

When you say: 'go to church' you take part in a religious service
Sally's father goes
to church
every Sunday
When you say: 'to the church', you are not going for religious service
Some men went
to the church
to repair the roof
We say: go to bed/be in bed ( not the bed)
Do you ever had breakfast
in bed
But: I sat down at
the bed
( specific piece of furniture)
We say: go to work/be at work/start work/finish work
Chris didn't go
to work
We say: go home/come home/arrive home/get home/be at home
It's late. Let's
go home
Will you
be at home
We say: go to sea/be at sea ( without the ) when the meaning is go/be on voyage
Keith works on ships. He'
s at sea
most of the time
But: I'd like to live near
the sea
It can be dangerous to swim in
the sea
When we are talking about things or people in general we don't use 'the'
I'm afraid of dogs
Life has changed a lot in the last thirty years
Do you like strong black coffee?
We say: most people/most books/most cars
Most shops accept credit cards
We use 'the' when we mean specific things/people
We took the children to
the zoo
Can you pass
the sugar
, please? ( sugar on the table )
I like
the people
I work with ( group of specific people )
I didn't like
the coffee
we had after dinner (specific coffee)
The giraffe/The bicycle/The telephone/The dollar
Use 'the' for instruments
I play
the guitar
We use man ( human beings in general) without 'the'
What do you know about the origins of man?
Use 'the' + adjective to talk about groups of people
The young/the old/the elderly/the rich/the poor/the homeless/the sick/the disabled/the unemployed/the injured/the dead
Do you think
the rich
should pay higher taxes?
But: a young person and
the injured woman
The + nationality
The + nationality adjectives that end in -ch or -sh
(the French
the Spanish
) For singular say: a Frenchman/an Englishwoman
The + nationality words ending in -ese (
the Chinese, the Japanese
. For singular say: A Swiss
Add 's' for other nationalities to make it plural
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