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VALOR intro

No description

kelsey brunton

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of VALOR intro

VALOR is a program that develops leaders who can effectively engage all segments of the Virginia agricultural community to create collaborative solutions and promote agriculture inside and outside of the industry. and WHAT is that exactly? Tell me more... Relationship Building Across Industry Sectors Practical, Transferable Skills Creative Problem Solving Political Advocacy Commun-ication Program Objectives and Outcomes WHO is involved in this program? Megan Seibel is the Program Director Advisory Council Virginia Tech WHY is VALOR important? The VALOR program will provide a sustainable future for Virginia’s agricultural community by maximizing potential for successful growth through a system of networking, collaborative decision-making, and development of strong leaders Many other states
already have similar programs in place Florida Maryland Indiana North Carolina Illinois California New York Michigan How do I become a part of the VALOR program? College of Agricutlure
and Life Sciences Recommend someone for the program

Apply for the program www.aee.vt.edu/valor Donate
to the program's endowment
contact: mseibel@vt.edu Donate your time by hosting a module or conducting a workshop
contact: mseibel@vt.edu Getting
Involved "Agricultural communities need leaders to effectively handle mounting social, political, and economic challenges." Knowledge of Changing Industry Increasing Global
Import & Export Persistent and Deliberate
Breaking Down of Silos Advising Participant
Selection Stakeholder
Development Curriculum
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