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University of Lousiville

No description

Heather Schuerman

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of University of Lousiville

University of Louisville
•SAT or ACT is required
•SAT or ACT is required for placement decisions

Faniclities etc....
Cheerleading : NCAA Div 1
Soccer : NCAA Div 1
Track and Field : NCAA Div 1
Volleyball : NCAA Div 1
Teacher to student

School Description
Why is this school a good fit for me ?
It is 1 out of 2 schools that teaches medicine. It would be cool to go some where that isnt richmond, see different things other then the same thing everyday.
Student life info
Some activity's that there is to do there at the school / clubs :
•Choral Group
•Drama/Theater Group
•Marching Band
•Newspaper (Student run)
•Radio Station (Student run)
•Baptist Campus Ministry
•Society of Porter Scholars
•Association of Black Students
•Common Ground
•Raise Red Dance Marathon

1. phone number : 502 852 5555
2. website : http://www.louisville.edu
3. school location : big town
4. school name : University of Louisville
total enrollment :
Teacher to Student Ratio: 2 adults per classroom .

What will i be going to school there for ?

i will be going there to study medicine to be a doctor & to experience different places in the world .
Tuition : $23,638

Books :$1,000

Room/Board : $7,710

Total :$32,348
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