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the nose

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of the nose

How does The Nose work
How It Works
As gross as it may seem dried nasal mucus or D.N.M.is very important to the body. It removes all dust and pathograms.D.N.M. is to the body as oil is to a car, if their is no oil than the car doesn't run. Some scientists argu that D.N.M. is good for your immune system.
Dried Nasal Mucus (a.k.a boogers)
Too much mucus can do many things, here is a list:
chronic cough won't go away
waking up with a puffy, crusty nose
bad breath even after brushing
constant stuffy nose
senses dulled
can't think strait
What too much mucus can do.
all corn products
sugary treats
wheat deep fried food
soy products
jams and jelly's
high fat red meats
foods that make mucus
leafy greens and herbs
cauliflower and broccoli
bamboo shoots
ginger and turmeric
citrus fruits
Brussels sprouts
hot peppers
Foods that fight too much mucus.
check out this video
seth appleby
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