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Mistaken Identity- ENG100

No description

Danielle Crowley

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Mistaken Identity- ENG100

Mistaken Identity By: Danielle, Lizzie, Dylan & Rey In "Mistaken Identity" by Sharon E. Cooper,
Kali is not shaped to fit society's ideal woman.
The play depicts the struggles she is facing
because her sexual preference is not
favored by her family or culture. Theme Kali wants to make her family proud
but they would not agree with her
life choices. In a culture of arranged
marriages, being a lesbian is not
an option. Conflict Telling Steve her sexual preference was
a way for her brother to find out. In the
beginning, she asked Steve not to tell
Rashid but in the end, she realized that
she did that because deep down, she
wants him to know of her lifestyle. Conflict Resolution Explores how ideas about men
and women can be regarded as socially constructed by particular cultures.
Expands categories and definitions of what is masculine and feminine and tends to regard sexuality as more complex. Gender Approach Gender Criticism in "Mistaken Identity" "So I know that you all do the
'arranged marriage thing.' Rashid
and I had a long talk about it. Of
course. Rashid and I wanted you to
approve, too, Kali." Gender Criticism Examples "I am a lesbian who has to date every Hindu bloke in England until her brother get so desperate that he sets her up with a cowboy-" "In the meantime, I'll continue to be a loud, abrasive (Whispering.) lesbian while my brother sets me up with every bloke on the street- and they don't even have to be Hindu anymore! Do you have any idea what that's like? How would you know?" Discussion Questions The Struggle "...and what if you could never
give that to them-could never
bring someone home for any
holiday for the rest of your life?" "I'd run the risk of not being allowed to
see my nieces." "Like, why can't I want to be a part of the whole
picket-fence thing?" Why do you think Steve was so quick to ask Kali to marry him?
Do you think Kali originally told Steve she was a lesbian so he would tell Rashid or do you think that was an after thought?
Do you think Kali should tell her family and risk isolation or continue with this act?
Did you make anything out of them sharing a dessert at the end? Or do you think it was nothing? The End! YAY! FINALLY
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