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Fear In Lord of the Flies

English Seminar

Dane Thomas

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Fear In Lord of the Flies

LOSS OF DETERMINATION The boys are stranded on the island Fear of the unknown makes the boys think irrationally, which breaks apart the civilization that Ralph, Simon and
Piggy created. Their main goal was to escape from this island; to survive for long enough to be rescued. “Now we come to the most important thing. I’ve been thinking. I was thinking while we were climbing the mountain.” He flashed a conspiratorial grin at the other two. “And on the beach just now. This is what I
thought. We want to have fun. And we want to be rescued.” Laughing Ralph looked for confirmation round the ring of faces. The older boys agreed; but here and there among the little ones was the doubt that required more than rational assurance...
'But there isn't a beastie!' ...
'We'll make sure when we go hunting.'
Ralph was annoyed and, for the moment, defeated. He felt himself facing something ungraspable. The eyes that looked so intently at him were without humour." (35-36) the boys lose sight of their goal, defect to chaos and descend to pure, unadulterated savagery His priority is to get rescued. Rescue! Ralph is elected as chief of the boys. Through fear "This time Robert and Maurice acted the two parts ... the boys cried with laughter. At length even this palled ... Maurice and Robert skewed the carcass, lifted the dead weight, and stood ready. In the silence, and standing over the dry blood, they suddenly looked furtive. Jack spoke loudly, 'This head is for the beast, its a gift.' ... All at once they were running away, as fast as they could, through the forest towards the open beach." (149-151) DESTRUCTION The Soviet Union AMERICA POST 9/11 Prisoners of the Holocaust After the 9/11 attacks, airport security skyrocketed. All people of South East Asian descent were all deemed as terrorists. Ruled by Joseph Stalin from 1941-1953. intended to work in the camps to aid german victory Stalin's rule was a reign of terror and fear. Anyone could be killed without warning. "Tests" of loyalty were held; ANY non-loyalty would result in death. Kim Jong-Il back stabbed never released and worked to death Napoleon's rise to power Chairman Mao Zedong Ruled from 1949-1976 While he ruled, he established a period of fear in China. He was responsible for millions of deaths and questionable decisions. He was still considered by some as one of the greatest men in history. originally a great leader people respected Morals and ethics were beneath Joseph Stalin. When it came to keeping power, nothing was out of line. CONTROL OF THE MASSES By manipulating the fear of the boys,
Jack is able to control them by constantly reminding of the terror that the 'beast' brings, and subsequently offering protection from it. "The hunters were looking uneasily at the sky, flinching from the stroke of the drops. A wave of restlessness set the boys swaying and moving aimlessly. The flickering light became brighter and the blows of the thunder were only just bearable. The littluns began to run about, screaming. Jack leapt onto the sand. 'Do our dance! Come on! Dance!' " (167) The boys encounter... HUMAN FEAR Ralph tries to lead, but the boys are too scared. They lose sight of their goal. became survival of the fittest situation Religion Got GREEDY and abused power Not as extreme, but concept is the same. Some 'followers' are kept mislead by fear. Christianity-Ideology of 'if you do not believe in our God and do not repent for your sins, you will go to hell in the afterlife. crowned one of the most ruthless leaders of all time The 'beast' is the source of fear. Not all, but some promote this style of 'worship'. All other religions are deemed to be false and there is only one righteous way of living. Russian Revolution Not only ran his country by fear, he also instilled fear into USA, South Korea and Japan Had nuclear weapons capable of mass destruction Was at a midst of a world war His death caused unrest in many countries, who feared for the future of North Korea Phobias 1 in 10 people have Phobias but only a few sufferers seek help. An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something Causes anxiety or stress, which can have major side effects on your health Can even lead to insanity oseph Stalin dolf Hitler hairman Mao Zedong im Jong-Il J J A C K K A C The traits exerted by these historical figures are paralled in the novel Lord of the Flies, in the form of Jack. Jack abused his power. Loyalties could be to him and him alone; his 'protection' was withdrawn if you were deemed disloyal. He punished on his own whims. He devolves from grace into savagery and he has no problems with killing. Still (arguably) BENEFICIAL to the colony of boys Turned the democracy into a system where survival of the fittest is the ideal. He would do whatever it took to keep power. Wanted to make everyone equal Started a REVOLUTION Ended up going back to the evil they tried to abolish "Some people are more equal than others" even though his power was never seen.     FEAR in Lord of the Flies
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