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YPI : Juliette's Place

YPI Presentation : Rahavi, Hana, Saranyaa

Rahavi Sathiyalingam

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of YPI : Juliette's Place

Starting Process Juliette's Place Homeward Family Shelter room
medical check-up
personal hygiene
registered for metro housing How would they spend it ? emergency/short term shelter and support services many abused woman with or without children been in service for 21 years Why Juliette? women's shelter ABUSE? Elderly Abuse
Financial Abuse
Verbal Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Psychological Abuse
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse Finding the way... Sons Are Allowed If... 1) Has to be in school
2) Can't be working
3) The abused woman must be main caregiver For Kids... enrolled in school
school supplies
health care Jobs home director
youth workers
childcare workers
medical workers
volunteers Possible Donations cheques
school fundraisers
non-perishable food
hygiene products
new or lightly used clothing
baby items
cooking products/utensils
school supplies GOALS Support Women Sustain women Build Stronger Women expand the organization YPI Grant of $5000 Help women/children/teens see a successful future No matter how old you are
Juliette's Place will always
lend a helping hand... No woman will get left behind " The saddest thing for a girl to do is to dumb herself down for a guy" - Emma Watson By: Hana, Saranyaa & Rahavi
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