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Part 1- Jule and Morgan

No description

Jule Schatz

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Part 1- Jule and Morgan

Parts of the Eye
3D The clear surface of the eye; main refelective surface The hole which light passes through to the rest of the eye the color of your eye; maintains eye shape; perphrial vision Transparent body behind the iris; bends light rays to create a clear image in the back of the eye Fills the space between the lens and the retina the film of the eye; makes light rays into electrical signals and sends it to the brain Made up of 1.2 million nerves; connects the eye to the brain
The white of the eye . . . . . How we see color The eye and brain translate light into color. The surface of an object reflects some colors then absorbs the other colors. The only colors we see are the ones reflected back at us from the object.
How we see objects There is no light in the world, we see things because different objects reflect different wavelengths of light back at us so we see color. Light is reflected of an objects and into our eyes. The light is processed and changed into and electrical signal that our brain can interpret as an object of a certain color.
The Eye 3D Anagyph Glasses (Blue and Red Lenses) To see 3d each eye has to see a similar but different picture. Since your eyes are apart each eye has a different view point Your brain tells you to put the two images together to see one image. In a 3d movie, the same image is projected onto the screen by two different projectors at different angles. Each image is projected in a different color; one in blue and one in red The glasses separate the two images by color and each enter a different eye. Your brain then puts them back together and creates one 3d image.
3D today, real 3D RealD 3d has one single projector that quickly projects alternating images for each eye Each image is polarized differently when it leaves the projector. 144 frames are produced per second which allows a continuous picture in 3d Why 3D is better today 3d now has a much more stable clear image and you don't have to wear the awkward glasses People have also said that their eye isn't as strained as much as when they wore the blue and red anaglyph glasses.
Jule and Morgan's project When your brain interperetes what you
see other how it physicaly or acually is This optical illusion tricks your mind using shading and angles making the bars look like they are sticking out, however it overlaps where it's not supose to there fore not being able to be 3D, but your brain tries to make it 3D. Your brain tries to turn what you see into 3D Optical Illusions hope you enjoyed the show!
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