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Prezi Educators Society - Presume

My Prezume for the Prezi Educators Society

James May

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of Prezi Educators Society - Presume

Classroom of Tomorrow
Current Position:
Faculty Fellow for Innovation and Technology/Professor of English as a Second Language (ESL)
Valencia College
701 North Econlockhatchee Trail
Orlando, Florida 32825
Professional Background:
After serving as a Korean, Spanish, Portuguese linguist for the U.S. Army, I started teaching ESL at the community college level and have been doing so for nearly 15 years.
Fields of Expertise:
Education - Second Language Acquisition - Computer Assisted Language Learning - Learning Technologies and Faculty Development
Leadership Roles:
Organizer: TEDxValenciaCollegeWomen Dec 2013
Organizer: TEDxValenciaCollegeLive Aug 2013
President: Sunshine State TESOL June 2013 to Present
Web Master SSTESOL 2009 - Present
1st VP & Conference Chair: SSTESOL 2012-2013
Treasurer: SSTESOL 2009 - 2012
Link to Prezi Profile

Why Me?
How would I like to partner with other educators
to advance engagement in the classroom?

Valencia East Campus
Building 4
To Buildings 5 - 8
To Buildings 1-3
Your Academic Success Center
Students Today
As of 2008, the average U.S. household had more than 118.6 television channels; In 1985 the average was 19 channels (Nielson Media Research).
More than billion monthly active users
As of Feb 2012, 46% of American adults owned smartphones (Pew Foundation).

As of June 2012, 54.9% of U.S. mobile subscribers owned smartphones (Neilsen).

2 out of 3 people who have purchased a new phone in the last 3 months purchased a smartphone (Neilsen)
NPD is predicting 2013 will see the first time that worldwide sales of tablets will surpass sales of laptops.
There are more than 100hrs of video uploaded every minute on Youtube. (Youtube FAQ).
James May
Recent Awards
2010 Association of Florida Colleges
Professor of the Year
2011 Carnegie Foundation & CASE Florida Professor of the Year
2012 Sloan Consortium Effective Practice
Cell Phones in the Classroom: Collaborative or Calamitous?
2013 Center for Digital Education Yearbook
Top 40 Innovator in Education
2014 Community College Futures Assembly
Bellwether Finalist for Circles of Innovation
Video Intro & CV
My Curriculum Vitae can be found at my blog link below
Watch this video to learn more about my teaching philosophies and what I am like in the classroom.
Twitter Embed
QR Code
Google Goggles
Back Channels
SWF Embed
Link to Back Channel Survey Results
In 10 Years, books will be obsolete. Students will learn through the eye.
Every field of scientific endeavor can be taught through video.
Who Said?
Michael Olmert, Smithsonian Book of Books (Smithsonian Institution, 1992)
Image shared with me via email from Kyle Bowen from Perdue University
Something innovative in the classroom
Thank You for Your Consideration!

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