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Grade 8-11 Parent Night Presentation

No description

Signe Finnbogason

on 16 January 2018

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Transcript of Grade 8-11 Parent Night Presentation

School Overview
Tonight we will cover:
School overview
School strengths
Student support and safety
Graduation requirements
Course Selection
Questions and displays

Course Selection
Grade 8-11 Course Selection Evening
Excellence * Discovery * Service
Mr. D. Rawnsley, Principal
Ms. D. Carr, Vice Principal (K-Z)
Mr. C. Martino, Vice Principal (A-J)
Student Services
Mr. M. Hawkins - A - Di
Ms. Y. Hawkins - Do - J
Ms. E. Hart - K - Man
Ms. S. Finnbogason - Mao - S
Ms. M. Smith - T - Z
Student Support
School Overview
1850 students in grades 8-12
100 teachers
40 support staff
3 administrators
School Strengths
Variety of courses
Quality and size of Excel program
Success program
Extra-Curricular Programs
Active Citizenship
Vikings Read
Sports academies
ReThink (New!)
Excel/ Honours Program
AP Capstone Diploma program
Summit Diploma in Business
ELL Program
Hockey Academy 8-12 (Location: 8 Rinks)
Soccer Clinic 8-12 (Location: SFU)
Swim Academy 8-12 (Location: SFU)
Basketball Academy 9-10 (Location: Byrne Creek)
Connect Program
Success Program after school
Adapted Learning and Modified Programs
Career Programs
ACE-IT & Apprenticeship Programs
Excel Program
Next will be a question and answer period, so please feel free to stay and meet the administrators and counsellors.

Thank you very much for coming this evening. If you have any questions after this evening, please email your child's counsellor or telephone the school at:
(604) 296-6875
Three components:
Enriched/ Honours courses (all grade levels)
Advanced Placement courses (grades 11/ 12)
AP Capstone Diploma (district program grades 11/ 12)
Select the AP, Enriched, or Honours course on your course selection form and on the course selection computer entry
Submit your completed course selection form by the deadline
Current grade 8-11 students will be informed if they have been accepted on their course verification forms in April
How to apply for an Enriched, Honours or AP course
Enriched or Honours courses offered throughout grade 8 to 12:

▪ English ▪ Sciences
▪ Mathematics ▪ Modern Languages
▪ Social Studies ▪ Fine Arts
Enriched/Honours Program
AP stands for Advanced Placement.

Program of university level courses and exams administered by the College Board in New York for motivated students

Students who successfully complete AP exams (written in May) can earn credit or advanced placement for college or university level courses while they are still in high school.
What is AP?
All AP courses are grade 12 level but some can be taken when students are in grade 11 (or even grade 10)
PHYSICS 1 and 2
CHINESE (Mandarin)
ECONOMICS (Micro & Macro)
AP Courses Offered 2017-2018
Laurent Scaligine, Excel Program Department Head

E-mail: excel.north@sd41.bc.ca

Contact Information
Selection is done on a competitive basis so in certain courses not all students who request the course will be selected due to enrollment limitations.
There are pre-requisites for many AP courses, so students need to plan carefully during grades 10 and 11.
Career Programs
90-Hour Work Experience
Grade 12 elective course (4 credits)
Explore career possibilities
Build resume / university applications

30-Hour Work Experience

ACE-IT Industry Training

Secondary School Apprenticeship
Four Core Programs
> Pipe fitting
> Hair Stylist
> Computer Networking Tech
> Fitness Instructor
> Hotel / Event Management
> Graphics / Media Arts
> Film & Broadcast
> Music Production & Technology
>Health Sciences
> Auto Collision
> Auto Refinishing and Prep
> Auto Service Technician
> Carpentry (Framing)
> Construction Electrician
> Professional Cook
> Metal Fabrication
> Mechatronics (Robotics)
> Painting & Decorating
Start in grade 11 or 12
Post-Secondary Credits
Recognized by the Industry
Training Authority
ACE-IT (Accelerated Industry Training)
5 required courses
Social Studies
Physical Education

3 elective courses
2 Fine Art/Applied Skill Electives
Language or Elective
Grade 9
Students are required to earn a minimum of 80 credits in Grades 10 – 12

80 credits is equivalent to 20 four-credit courses (one course = four credits)
Minimum of 16 credits at the Grade 12 level
English 12 or Communications 12 remains a required provincial exam
Graduation Transitions 12 (non-enrolling course) is required for graduation
Graduation Requirements:
Grades 10 - 12
Required Courses:

English 10*
Social Studies 10
Science 10*
Mathematics 10*
Physical Education 10
Planning 10

Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, 11, or 12
Elective Courses (28 credits total, Grades 10-12)
Grade 10
English 12* / Communications 12* / English 12 First Peoples
Graduation Transitions 12
Elective Courses (28 credits total, Grades 10-12)
3 elective courses must be Grade 12 level (Minimum of 16 credits at the Grade 12 level including Language Arts 12)
Daily Physical Activity 150 min/week
Grade 12

English 11/Communications 11
Social Studies 11*
A Mathematics 11
A Science 11
Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, 11, or 12
Elective Courses (28 credits total, Grades 10-12)
Daily Physical Activity 150 min/week
Grade 11
Counsellors will conduct detailed information sessions throughout February for all students.

Students will select their courses online. This should be completed by
March 3rd, 2017

Parents are asked to review the courses with their son/daughter and
return a signed copy
of their course selection form back to the school.
*no remaining provincial exam but students will write a literacy and a numeracy exam before graduation
*no remaining provincial exam
*course is provincially examinable
Course entry – current Grade 9, 10 & 11 students will enter their courses on-line from home.

Grade 8 students will enter their courses at school on February 23 and 24. Older students may come to the computer lab at lunch those days for help.

Course selection verification – April

Course changes – April and May
Course Entry & Verification
Grade 8: Feb. 7 and 8 (Socials)
Grade 9: Feb. 20 and 21 (Science)
Grade 10: Feb. 2 and 3 (PE)
Grade 11: Feb. 14 and 15 (English)
ELL Level I & II: Feb. 9 and 10 (1B and 2B)
Course selection presentations

Ms. S. Shahidi, Learning Support Dept. Head

Mr. L. Scaligine, AP/ Honours Coordinator

Mr. Paul Sandhu, Youth Services Worker

Ms. Gillian Chan, Settlement Worker

Ms. Jane Chow, International Student Liaison

Ms. M. Alves, Aboriginal Success Teacher

Ms. Lorelei Lyons, Aboriginal Support Worker
What is AP Capstone?
A diploma program giving students an opportunity to apply critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and research skills in a cross-curricular context
AP Capstone is a district program offered at 2 sites (Burnaby North and Burnaby South Secondary schools)
In order to earn an AP Capstone Diploma selected students must complete AP Seminar (grade 11), AP Research (grade 12), as well as write an additional 4 AP exams of their choice
Students must score 3/5 or higher on the AP exams to quality for the diploma
AP Capstone Application Process
Only current grade 10 students across the district can apply
Applications can be downloaded off the Burnaby School District website
Applications will be collected by Mr. Scaligine or can be sent directly to the district office
If accepted, applicants may need to transfer to Burnaby South Secondary
Applicants must be prepared to commit to the full two years of the program
Learning Support Services and
English Language Learning
Supporting Students - Creating Success
The Success Program
Sometimes students need a place to work and get help before heading home

Supervised space to get help from peer tutors and a teacher- All subjects


Monday-Thursday 3:15-4pm

Any student that needs help, any student who has been asked by a teacher to attend, any student that has been asked by their parent or guardian to attend


room 32/33 South building
Helping Students Be Successful
Connect Program
Sr. Alternate Program
Pre-Employment Program
Access Program
Success Program
Individual Education Plan Support
Peer Tutoring
Math Buddies
English Language Learners
3 Levels- Assessed for placement
ELL 1- 4 courses
ELL 2- 3 courses
ELL 3- Min. 2 courses

Support Website:
Gr. 11 and 12s can take Composition 11 as an elective to support academic writing
Resources and Information
Speak with us tonight!
Please consult the school website
Phone the school
Email staff directly
emails available on the school website
...Working together on the next right step
New Program: ReThink!
ReThink is a program option for students at Burnaby North who:
want a different school experience
want school to more closely align with their interests
want their learning to be driven by inquiry

It is an inquiry-based program that is built upon partnerships with SFU, BCIT, the City of Burnaby and businesses in our community

Areas of exploration (students choose one): Technology in modern society; environment and sustainability; community recreation, health and wellness; business and entrepreneurship; arts and design

ReThink becomes part of a student's schedule, complemented with other regular scheduled classes

Please see your counsellor for more information
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