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Guidance Counsellor Breakfast


Jody Berringer

on 11 January 2010

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Transcript of Guidance Counsellor Breakfast

University of Waterloo Guidance Counsellor Breakfast First year transition Tracy Penny Light ADMISSIONS FACULTY OF ENGINEERING no general first year hands-on learning 100% of Engineering students are in co-op Student Activities and Involvements Cutting-edge education and research 13 Engineering programs
Mid December – Approx. 3.5 % of total offers (755 offers)
Mid February – Approx. 25% (5,330)
Mid to Late March – Selected applicants to Architecture are sent an email invite for the interview and Accounting and Financial Management are sent an email invite for the Admissions Assignment
End of March – Approx. 51% (10,730) – First round of Engineering offers
End of April – Approx 58% (12,370)
Final round Mid May – Final round of offers and refusal decisions are sent.
Send approx. 21,460 total number of offers.
Mid May – Notification of scholarship awards and entrance bursary
Repeating Courses Timing of Waterloo's Offers of Admission For all programs, repeated courses may be reviewed and applicants will be asked to comment on repeated courses on the admissions information form (AIF).
Faculty of Engineering (except Arch), 3% to 5% may be deducted from total overall admissions average and they might not be considered for Engineering Scholarships.
Faculty of Mathematics, overall admissions score may be adjusted for each Grade 12 course that is repeated.
All other programs (incl. Arch), each case will be given individual consideration when the admission decision is made. Courses other than day school Provided that the school is accredited by the Min. of Education, we will accept grade 12 U or M courses regardless of how or where the course is taken.
Examples: summer school, night school, correspondence courses, private school,
e-learning, virtual learning courses.
Faculty of Mathematics, you will be asked to list the courses you have taken or are taking outside of regular day school on your AIF. In some cases, the overall admission score will be adjusted.

Summer school courses will be considered if they are taken between Grade 11 and 12 (July-Aug 2009). Summer school courses taken after Grade 12 (July-Aug 2010) will be too late for us to use in the final round of admissions decisions made n mid-May 2010.
Alternate Offers of Admission If a student is not admitted to the program to which they’ve applied, they may be considered for admission to an alternate program provided they meet minimum admission requirements and places are available.
Where a program is available in both co-op and regular, unless the admission requirements were the same, applicants not admitted to the co-op program, normally are automatically considered for the corresponding regular program. 
For Engineering, the applicant provides their alternate Engineering choices on the Admissions Information Form that is available once they have applied to UW.
Deferring an Offer of Admission The deferral request may not exceed 3 academic terms (1 year).
They will not be required to reapply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC).
Normally, the deferral will be granted only if the student has not undertaken full-time academic studies during the deferral period unless those studies are deemed to enrich their education and will not negatively affect their admissibility. Each case will be considered on an individual basis.
FACULTY PANEL FACULTY OF APPLIED HEALTH SCIENCES FACULTY OF ARTS FACULTY OF ENVIRONMENT FACULTY OF MATHEMATICS & COMPUTER SCIENCES FACULTY OF SCIENCE Let's Talk Science Let’s Talk Science is an award-winning, national, charitable organization dedicated to building youth interest and engagement in science, engineering and technology through leadership, innovative learning programs, research and advocacy. Interacting with our environment, asking questions, and seeking answers lie at the heart of knowing- and doing- science. Conditional Admission to Pharmacy NEW for 2010 high achieving (90% or greater admissions average) high school students apply for one of 24 spaces in the CAP program after applying to Waterloo

they submit references and attend an interview selected students will then take a regular science undergrad program for 2 years at the end of which if they meet the conditions (including another interview) they will progress directly into the School of Pharmacy Discovery Days in Health Sciences
April 21st, 2010 Available to Grade 10 and 11 students
Highlighting careers available in the health sciences and related disciplines Questions? Thank-you Katie Zaparanuik http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_fg2XQ52Zc http://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/navigation/Prospective/promotions/ http://arts.uwaterloo.ca/arts/ugrad/videos.html http://ouac.on.ca RESOURCES http://www.findoutmore.uwaterloo.ca/counsellors/ Fall Open House: November 7, 2009 UNIVERSITY INFORMATION PROGRAM October 26:
11 am – Norwell D.S.S. (Palmerston)
7 pm – Stratford Northwestern S.S. (Stratford)

October 27:
12:15 pm – Westside S.S. (Orangeville)
7 pm – St. Benedict’s C. S. S. (Cambridge)

October 28:
12 pm – Bishop Macdonnell C.H.S. (Guelph)
7 pm – Huron Park S. S. (Woodstock)

October 29:
1 pm – Forest Heights C.I. (Kitchener)
7 pm – Huron Heights S.S. (Kitchener)
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