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African Slave Trade

A brief history of the African slave trade

Emily Busey

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of African Slave Trade

The African Slave Trade
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Slavery Began Long Before Europeans Arrived...
When Europeans Came Along...
How it all began...
The End of the Slave Trade
People began speaking out against the slave trade
Olaudah Equiano, a former slave, helped bring the experiences of slavery to all people with his book and advocacy against slavery
The slave trade eventually came to an end in the mid-1800s
Often during wartime and conquest, African kingdoms would enslave their enemies people...
Enslaved people were property, but could win their freedom after a few years
Some eventually became important citizens
Slaves could be bought out of slavery by their own people
European settlers had large plantations in the Americas, and needed workers for them
Africans were skilled farmers, miners, and metal workers
Could easily adapt to climate of American tropics
Would be less likely to escape in unfamiliar territory
By the 1600s, Portuguese traders were exchanging goods such as guns for slaves
By 1780, about 80,000 slaves being shipped each year
Captured Africans were branded with hot irons
Captives lay side by side on filthy shelves stacked floor to ceiling on ships
Received little food or water
As many as 20% would die during each crossing
Even more slaves would be packed in ships to make up for those who would die on the journey
Do you think it would have been bearable to live on a ship like this one?
How did the slave trade hurt Africa?
When did the treatment of slaves change?
What fueled the European demand for slaves?
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